Neurosonic Global

Unplug & Recover

The low-frequency vibration automatically affects the natural relaxation and recovery mechanisms, helping users to sleep better, relax and recover.


We fight exhaustion

The Neurosonic technology is based on sensory tissue stimulation with very low frequency vibration. The built-in elements transmit the vibration, focusing the stimulation on certain body parts or the whole body simultaneously. As the vibration advances all the way into the deepest tissues, this natural mechanism affects the body and the mind via the autonomic nervous system, offering a relaxing, restorative or activating moment.


I woke up in life again because of this treatment - everyone with chronic pain knows what this means for me.
I can work, and I can even exercise now.

- Mirka Laukkanen

Nature-based mechanism

Neurosonic built-in elements transmit very low-frequency (20-100 Hz) vibration to the body. As a natural mechanism, vibration affects your body calmly via the autonomic nervous system and the mind. Our technology guides the human body and mind mechanically to a meditation-like state that cares for and prevents stress-related symptoms. Sleep mechanisms are restores, and at the same time, many other things in the body and mind are corrected.




What does a zebra do when it has escaped from a lion? It vibrates. The purpose of the natural mechanism is to calm and restore the stress response. Neurosonic produces the same effect - it is a new generation solution for relaxation.

Marco Kärkkäinen

Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder