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Sleep better and stress less.

Neurosonic - for a better body and mind balance.

Neurosonic produces very low frequency vibration. Being a natural mechanism, vibration has a balancing effect directly on the autonomic nervous system. The Neurosonic relaxation treatment directs the body to a state similar to meditation, making recovery faster and more efficient. The healthy sleep mechanisms are restored, and at the same time, many other things in the body and mind are given the opportunity to recover.

Benefits of the technology

Stress relief

When your mind is already full, it is hard to find a way to get rid of negative stress. Our technology directs the body and mind mechanically into a meditation-like state that treats and prevents stress-related symptoms.


Better sleep quality

The production of stress hormones is reduced and sleep mechanisms are restored. Nocturnal awakenings are reduced, and sleep becomes calmer and recovery more effective.


Maintain your balance

Vibration is used to balance the function of the nervous system. The body relaxes and the mechanisms that repair it work better. The effect is apparent, for example, in reduction of heart rate, increase in heart rate variability, and muscle relaxation.

Intelligence shaped by nature
Neurosonic's wellbeing technology is based on tissue stimulation produced by low frequency vibration. The built-in elements of the devices vibrate and target stimulation at specific parts or the entire body. This natural mechanism affects the body and mind through the autonomic nervous system, providing a relaxing, recovering, or activating Neurosonic moment.

The magic of our technology is its simplicity. The vibration frequencies are designed to awaken our body’s natural way to release stress. The vibration imitates the way a zebra shakes stress out of its body in the savannah after escaping a lion.

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