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Our technology helps the body recover from stress-related symptoms, leading to a calmer mind. Developed in Finland, the Neurosonic technology produces low-frequency vibration that has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system and the mind.

Neurosonic's technology has already been integrated into the products of several of our partners.

Neurosonic x Tempur

Tempur has been a pioneer in memory foam product development and sleep ergonomics in pillows and mattresses since the 1960s. They have integrated Neurosonic's technology into their beds.

Neurosonic x N.A.P. Neuron Activation Pod

N.A.P., which stands for Neuron Activation Pod, is a fantastic design product created in collaboration with Loook Industries. It combines Loook's craftsmanship with Neurosonic technology.

N.A.P. not only helps you sleep better but also serves as an excellent place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace or even conduct remote meetings in a more tranquil environment.

Neurosonic x Ahrend

Neurosonic's technology has been integrated into the Loungescape Powernap products of Ahrend, a Dutch company specialized in lounge spaces.

These stylish Powernap furniture can be found in places such as hospitals, offices, airports, and factories that utilize shift work.

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