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Become our Distributor or Reseller

Become our Distributor or Reseller

Neurosonic, a pioneer in holistic well-being solutions, invites you to be a part of our journey.

We are actively seeking passionate distributors and resellers in the UK to bring the transformative power of Neurosonic to a wider audience.

Partner with us to offer cutting-edge technology that enhances sleep quality, stress management, and overall performance. Our innovative products, backed by scientific research, are already paving way in the wellness industry in other European countries.

Ready to embark on a rewarding partnership? Connect with our dedicated sales representative directly through the calendar link below. Let's shape a healthier and more relaxed future together!

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For whom is Neurosonic?

All Neurosonic users have one thing in common - they are all finding ways to improve wellbeing for themselves or others. Whether you are a person who wants to improve your sleep or recovery or a company that is looking to enhance their service, you recognize the need for improved quality of life. Neurosonic is for everyone who wants to improve their performance and feel great. 

You can find Neurosonic in offices, gyms, hotels, hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centres, airport lounges and in private homes. Wherever there are people in need of feeling better, you find Neurosonic.

What does Neurosonic affect?

Sleep quality

When the mechanisms of sleep are restored, it is easier to fall asleep, nocturnal awakenings are reduced, and sleep quality improves and becomes more restorative.



Extensive research data supports the positive effects of vibration on metabolism and health, as well as potential uses to reduce the effects of stress, improve sleep quality, and promote overall recovery and health.


Stress relief

The nerve pathways in an alert state calm down, and positive changes take place in neurotransmitter activity, allowing recovery.



The activity of the autonomic nervous system is balanced, making recovery more efficient. At the same time, muscle blood circulation and metabolism recover faster.


We let experiences speak for themselves

We hear every day how Neurosonic has helped our customers to feel better. The positive feedback has been impressive. See how many lives have taken on a new direction.

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