How does Neurosonic work?

Neurosonic relaxation devices produce very low-frequency vibration that has a relaxing effect on the autonomic nervous system. They direct the body into a meditation-like state that relieves stress, enhances recovery, and restores healthy sleep mechanisms. Different effects are achieved in different power and frequency ranges: For example, relaxation and recovery programmes help an athlete or a stressed individual recover faster, and activation programmes increase alertness and prepare the body for future performance.

Neurosonic is not a medical device.

Neurosonic as an alleviator of sleep disorders

The investigation under the direction of sleep researcher Markku Partinen, conducted at the Helsinki Sleep Clinic (2013), studied the effects of Neurosonic low-frequency treatment on the sleep quality of patients with primary insomnia, and examined 1 patients with sleep disorders, using a randomised controlled trial. Sleep actigraphy measurements indicated a significant reduction in sleep movement, which correlated directly with more profound sleep. Significant changes in anxiety and fear response states that may significantly interfere with sleep were also found in the study-related surveys. The studies found that 70% of the subjects benefitted after five treatments, which significantly reduced anxiety, obsessive–compulsive disorder symptoms, and fear response states.

The study by Heli Haapaniemi (2013) focused on the effects of the Neurosonic treatment on stress and sleep disorders. The study was based on Neurosonic therapy chair products, assessment of subjective sensations, and biosignal measurements that evaluated cardiac electrical activity (EEG, EMG, and ECG). According to the research data, it can be stated that the treatment affected the function of the autonomic nervous system by increasing the activity of the parasympathetic, recovery promoting part of the autonomic nervous system. This was also evident from heart rate variability results, which indicated that subjects were more relaxed after the study period than before.

Neurosonic as a recovery promoter

The research conducted by Veera Ikonen (2013) investigated the acute effects of the Neurosonic low frequency treatment on physiological and subjective recovery variables. The study measured the immediate effects of the Neurosonic treatment, after exercise, on resting heart rate, heart rate variability, blood lactic acid levels, subjective feeling of recovery, and sleep quality the following night. In summary, a single treatment with Neurosonic appears to have a positive effect on the activation of the recovery nervous system, as well as on recovery from physical exercise.

Additional studies on the effects of vibration

What does Neurosonic affect?


The activity of the autonomic nervous system is balanced, making recovery more efficient. At the same time, muscle blood circulation and metabolism recover faster.


Stress relief

The nerve pathways in an alert state calm down, and positive changes take place in neurotransmitter activity, allowing recovery.

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Sleep quality

When the mechanisms of sleep are restored, it is easier to fall asleep, nocturnal awakenings are reduced, and sleep quality improves and becomes more restorative.

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