Suitable program from a comprehensive selection

You can easily choose between 10-40 minutes of relaxation, activation, or recovery with our mobile application. Take a powernap in the midst of busy everyday life or choose a soothing program for sleeping or stress. Activating programs can be used to ramp up metabolism, to relieve pain, to awaken the nervous system, or to warm up the muscles. Recovery programs fit perfectly after sports activity or, for example, for relief of pain and swelling.

All programs promote the quality of sleep and affect both physical and psychological recovery. The effects are unique, and the best results are obtained from frequent use.

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10-minute relaxation program

The program relieves intense muscle tensions, headaches, as
well as muscle pain. Well suited to be used in the middle of
the day due its refreshing effect. Of neurological symptoms,
the program can relieve spasticity effectively.

20-minute relaxation program

Use this program for relieving muscle tension in the back
area. Can also be used as relaxing full body program which relieves stress and improves sleep quality.

25-minute relaxation program

The program includes calming/relaxing periods. Use this program when you start using the device, and when you have sleep disturbances, as the program is aimed especially at
alleviating sleep disorders

39-minute relaxation program

The program includes calming/relaxing periods, as well as one massaging period. The effects are similar as in 25 minute relaxation program, but it activates metabolism more. Very relaxing.

12-minute activation program

Short relaxation/massage to activate alertness, alleviating
muscle tension and pains, as well as headaches. Suitable for
use in the morning and during the day due the activating

24-minute activation program

This program is meant for full nody activation. The
frequencies are the highest in this program, so do not use it in
the early stages of the treatment if you have sleep disorders,
bodily stress or anxiety, migrane, epilepsy, or if you are
otherwise sensitive for vibration stimulation. Suitable for
those actively engaged in sports to warm up muscles, and for example for neurological rehabilitation to activate muscle
functions. Very activating!

37-minute recovery program

This program promotes physical and mental recovery.
Improves strongly blood and fluid circulations while relaxing
the muscles. Very good program to treat, for example, pain and swelling, as well as bad blood circulation.

41-minute recovery program

Use this program for recovery and improving sleep quality.
The program relaxes the muscles heavily, and improves sleep quality. Good combination program for treatment of sleep
disorders, muscle tension, headaches, swelling, and bad
circulation in externities.

Neurosonic as a medical device

Neurosonic is not yet a medical device and is not a substitute for prescription medication. If you feel you are getting help from our products and your symptoms are alleviating, always talk to your doctor first about stopping medication. Our products are in the process of being approved for medical devices.