A suitable programme from among a comprehensive selection

You can use the mobile application to easily select ready 10-40 minute programmes for relaxation, activation or recovery. Take a powernap in the middle of a busy day or choose a relaxation programme for sleep problems or stress. You can use activation programmes to boost your metabolism, increase your alertness, or warm up your muscles. Recovery programmes are ideal after sports or for reducing swelling, for example.

All programmes promote sleep quality and contribute to both physical and mental recovery. The effects are individual, and regular use yields the best results.

10 minute RELAXATION programme

The programme relieves muscle tension, headaches, and muscle aches. Suitable for use in the middle of the day due to its refreshing effect. In neurological symptoms, the programme can be used to relieve spasticity effectively. You can take the programme twice in a row to relieve your headache.

20 minute RELAXATION programme

Use the programme to relieve muscle pain and muscle tension, especially in the back area. It can also be used as a relaxing full body programme that relieves stress and promotes sleep quality. This is a particularly good programme for neck and shoulder tension and lower back pain.

25 minute RELAXATION programme

The programme includes very relaxing stages. Use this programme when you start using the device and whenever you have sleep disorders, as the programme is specifically designed to relieve the symptoms of sleep disorders and stress. You can also use it to relax your muscles.

39 minute RELAXATION programme

The programme includes calming/relaxing stages, as well as one massage stage. The effects are similar to those of the 25 minute relaxation programme, but it activates the metabolism more. Very relaxing and also suitable for relieving sleep disorders and muscle relaxation.

12 minute ACTIVATION programme

A short relaxation/massage to activate alertness, boost metabolism, and relieve muscle tension, headaches and pain. Suitable for use in the morning or during the day, due to the acute activating effect. We have noticed that the programme helps CFS individuals with alertness and sleep quality. The programme may also promote the sleep quality of healthy individuals.

24 minute ACTIVATION programme

The programme is designed to activate the whole body. Frequencies are highest in this programme, so do not use it early in the treatment period if you have sleep disorders, physical stress or anxiety, migraines, epilepsy, or other sensitivities to vibration stimulation. Suitable for actively exercising people for muscle warm up and, for example, neurological rehabilitation, to activate muscle function. Highly activating!

22 minute Recovery programme

The program relaxes and stimulates muscles after exercise or hard physical work. In case you need better circulation, use more than 70 % power. For better sleep quality use max. 50 % power. Drink water after treatment.

36 minute RECOVERY programme

The programme is designed to promote physical and mental recovery. Strongly increases blood and fluid circulation while relaxing muscles. A good programme, for example, for the treatment of pain and swelling, as well as for poor blood circulation. Also promotes sleep quality.

41 minute RECOVERY programme

Use the programme to recover and promote sleep quality, for example, after sports later in the evening. A good combination programme, too, for the treatment of sleep disorders, muscle tension, headaches, pain, swelling, and poor peripheral circulation.

About the use of the Neurosonic application

Detailed instructions for using the Neurosonic application can be found on the user quide delivered with your Neurosonic device.

Neurosonic as a medical device

Neurosonic is not yet a medical device, and it is not suitable as a substitute for the medication prescribed by your doctor. If you feel that you benefit from our products and your symptoms are relieved, always talk to your doctor first about stopping the medication. Our products are currently in the medical device certification process.