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Recover, relax or activate yourself with the new enhanced Neurosonic Mobile App. Download the way to a good life from Appstore or Google Play -store now!

Select the desired program area and duration.

You can use the mobile application to easily select designed 10-40 minute programmes by our experts for relaxation, activation or recovery.

You are also able to schedule the program for later!

Adjust the desired powers and follow the program duration.

When it comes to vibration, less is more, especially when the user has trouble with their sleep. Nevertheless, if you have problems with your metabolism, your blood circulation is poor, or you want to recover faster, you may adjust the power to a higher level (on the scale, this means the levels above the middle position).

Track your own user history.

By following your own use of Neurosonic you can more easily see the correlation between Neurosonic sessions and how you are feeling. We also strongly recommend using measurement technology such as Firstbeat or your personal wearables to find patterns which enables you to find the right times and right programs to use for your individual needs.

Receive recommendations and make your own combinations.

Our amazing users are here to help! Our wide range of users have taken their time and wanted to help you with their tips on using different programs for various symptoms.

You can also create your own combinations and give tips for others!

Find our library of recommended programs.

Our over 10 year research and development has not been for nothing and our experts from various fields have found the best programs for various symptoms and conditions.

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