A much-needed restoring moment is provided through balancing the autonomic nervous system. Parasympathetic system gets a special boost. Both body and mind are mechanically guided to a meditation-like state, preventing and caring for stress-related symptoms.

Recovery is both physical and mental

Vibration has been shown to accelerate recovery. Heart rate variation is increasing, which is a clear sign of progress in bodily recovery.

Mental or physical overload, overtraining and recovery problems feel in the body as fatigue, pain, physical and mental strain, anxiety, muscle tension, restlessness and possibly a stream of thoughts that are difficult to break.

Over excitation and recovery problems are always a sign of bodily stress and autonomic nervous system disorders and are generally associated with some degree of sleep and sleep disturbance.

Excessive physical exercise and relatively little rest or purely mental work can cause nervous overactivity. This cycle should be interrupted at the earliest possible stage as these symptoms also require a longer recovery time if prolonged.



Customer experiences

Tired and tight muscles recover faster.

Vibration relieves muscle pain and post-injury pain

Vibration accelerates the recovery of the musculoskeletal system from severe stress

DOMS is reduced or eliminated

The feeling of physical strain disappears faster, eg muscle tension, legs feel "light"

Carousel of thoughts stops faster

You fall asleep faster and sleep better, sleep is more restful

The state of alertness improves

Better performance at work when using the machine during the day

Sports injuries heal faster