Neurosonic Global


Finnish Key Flag and Design from Finland mark


Neurosonic products have been awarded the Key Flag. The Key Flag is a registered Community Mark. The mark indicates that the product or service is manufactured in Finland and employs in Finland. The Key Flag badge is awarded by the Finnish Work Association.

The Design from Finland brand, in turn, has been awarded for the Neurosonic Wave, our newest member of Neurosonic product family. In order to qualify for the label, the product must be Finnish, user-oriented and meet the characteristics of professional design. In order to qualify for the label, the company must also demonstrate that it has achieved business benefits from the design investment. The badge is awarded by the Design from Finland Committee of Finnish Work Association.




Neurosonic received UL approval in the fall of 2019. The UL designation, a certificate issued by Underwriters Laboratories, entitles Neurosonic Technologies to advance into the US and Canadian markets. The requested standard sets requirements for electrical equipment and components. The approval obtained shows that the company supplies safe products and that the materials and structure of the product supplied are safe. UL approval is issued by a US testing and certification body.


The Strongest in Finland certificate


Neurosonic is certified by the Strongest in Finland label. The company that has earned this certificate will create strength for the Finnish economy now and in the future. Certification is a sign of a company's positive financial performance, creditworthiness, background information and good payment behavior. The Strongest in Finland certificate tells customers, partners, creditors and other stakeholders that cooperation with the company is on a sustainable footing. The certificate is based on the rating of Suomen Asiakastieto Rating Alfa.