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In addition to immediate payment, Neurosonic also offers a number of payment options, from which you can choose the one that suits you best. Contact our customer service to know more about the options available.

You can also buy Sennheiser headphones and a music licence for your Neurosonic device. The music
licence includes a specially designed audio track for Neurosonic programmes, which is activated upon purchase.

1. What kind of music is included in the music licence, and how does it work? How long is the licence valid? The licence includes one audio track specifically designed for Neurosonic devices that is adapted to the length of the programmes. The same music will be played in all Neurosonic programmes. The licence is valid forever.

2. How do I activate the licence? There are differences in licence activation related to differences between Android devices and Apple devices. If you use your Neurosonic device with an Android tablet or mobile phone, you must connect your device online for the licence to activate. There is an exception for Apple devices; you will receive a QR code from our staff upon purchase, which you will have to scan with the QR code reader that is found in the Neurosonic app settings. This QR code activates the music. Once you have activated your music licence, you will not need to repeat the process on the same device.

3. If a Neurosonic device has multiple users, will the music licence work on different phones and tablets? Yes. However, for Android devices, please note that the device must be connected online to activate the licence, as instructed previously. All owners of Apple devices have to scan the QR code provided by Neurosonic to activate the licence.

4. The headphones came with the wrong kind of audio cord that does not fit the tablet; what should I do? The Sennheiser headset also includes another smaller audio cord. Twist the cord plugged into the headset to disconnect it, and plug the smaller cord into the headset.

Activation programmes, 6 a.m.– 4 p.m.

The programmes are suitable to be performed, for example, for a night shift worker between p.m. and 5 a.m., as well as before a sports performance or to refresh oneself at any time. NOTE: If you are a light sleeper or suffer from exercise-induced insomnia, you should not combine the activation with exercise right after it.

Relaxation programmes, 4 p.m.–10 p.m.

Programmes are suitable for relaxing at any time and to ensure a better quality of sleep. When doing night work and working, for example, three nights in a row, take longer relaxation programmes between the first and second night to ensure better sleep.

Power nap, 8a.m.–4 p.m.

An excellent programme for refreshment during working hours.

Recovery programmes, 6 a.m.–10 p.m.

Recovery programmes are suitable at any time after mental or physical strain. If you intend to relax or recover, take the programme only after sports, as exercise cancels out the relaxing or recovering effect of the programme. For a night shift worker, we recommend a recovery programme after the last consecutive night shift, as it may facilitate recovery to a normal circadian rhythm.

Do not maintain the device yourself other than as instructed in the troubleshooting chart. If technical service is required, contact Neurosonic Technical Support at takuuhuollot@neurosonic.fi or customer service at +358 10 201 1600.

Store the device in a place where it is not exposed to excessive dust. Accumulation of dust can prevent the system from operating reliably. Vacuum the ventilation duct of the central unit 2-3 times a year. This will ensure that the central unit’s cooling works correctly. If necessary, clean the upholstery of the device with a damp cloth and mild detergent. On artificial leather, you may use a disinfectant cleaning product. Test the suitability of the product on a small area first. Do not use corrosive solvents for cleaning. Make sure that no water or other liquid enters the device. Unplug the device to turn off the power before vacuuming the central unit.

Neurosonic devices are under warranty for twenty-four (24) months. The warranty period starts from the day when the first user of the device receives the product. This warranty applies in the territory of Finland and does not limit the applicability of mandatory legislation in force in Finland, such as the Consumer Protection Act, to the sale of the device.

If there is a defect in the product, Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd or its authorised retailer will repair the defective device or replace it with another similar device at its discretion. Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd is not liable for any damages that may be caused by defects. 

The warranty or other liability for defects of Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd does not apply to normal wear and tear of the device, or to a tablet used to control the device. The warranty does not cover situations in which (i) the fault or defect is caused by the user, (ii) the device has been used contrary to the instructions, incorrectly or negligently, (iii) the device has been connected to another device, repaired or opened, or otherwise modified or installed incorrectly, or (iv) the device has been resold by a party other than the consumer without the express agreement of Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd and the original buyer of the device to supply the product for retail.

If the user of the device wishes to invoke the warranty granted by Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd, the user must present a legible receipt for the device. During the warranty period, the user must claim a defect in the device within two months after they discover the defect or should have discovered it.

When it comes to vibration, less is more, especially when the user has trouble with their sleep. Nevertheless, if you have problems with your metabolism, your blood circulation is poor, or you want to recover faster, you may adjust the power to a higher level (on the scale, this means the levels above the middle position).

Start by adding power first to the area of the calves, after which you can gradually test adding power to other areas, too. According to customer experiences, it is important to note that if you have epilepsy, migraine, or other brain-related symptoms, we recommend that you do not direct the vibration to the head area at all (set the power adjustment scale on the shoulder area to zero).

For users with insomnia, we always recommend starting with longer relaxation programmes first (except for CFS and ADHD, which generally tend to respond better to activation programmes, according to customer experiences). If it is hard for you to fall asleep, you tend to wake up at night, and your metabolism has slowed down, first reduce the power to one quarter (on the BASIC power control scale = 25, on the PLUS power control scale = 12). If this does not work in terms of falling asleep and waking up after 3–5 uses of relaxation programmes, it may be that your metabolism needs an extra boost. For additional boost, try the same programme 2–3 times by increasing the power (on the BASIC power control scale = 75–100, on the PLUS power control scale = 37–50). If relaxation programmes do not bring results after 5–8 times, we recommend testing recovery programs.

Power in BASIC and PLUS devices

When comparing these two types of Neurosonic devices, the power difference is exactly what makes the distinction between them. It can be said that the middle power of a PLUS device corresponds to the full power of a BASIC device. Therefore, if you purchase a device to recover, to stimulate blood circulation, or to improve your metabolism, we recommend that you purchase a PLUS device. All devices can relieve stress-related symptoms and sleep disorders. The only difference between a PLUS and a BASIC device is the power, with the result that the PLUS device is more versatile (as mentioned above). Both models have the same Neurosonic software (8pcs) and other features.

• Stimulates blood circulation. As a result, intense warming of tissues and skin may occur during treatment. This may cause intense skin redness, which is not dangerous.
• Promotes the removal of waste products from tissues. Due to this, mild temporary nausea may occur during or after treatment. Drinking water after treatment is recommended.
• Enhances tissue oxygenation. Oxygen saturation is improved, especially in patients with asthma and COPD. Improved oxygenation reduces pain and promotes recovery.
• Stimulates fluid circulation and metabolism. This may result in a significant increase in alertness in physically inactive individuals, which may lead to insomnia the night after treatment. The need to urinate may also increase. Swelling is also reduced through the activation of fluid circulation, and recovery is enhanced.
• Some individuals may experience a severe dry mouth during the treatment. This is a sign of an increase in metabolism. Drinking water after treatment is recommended. Diabetics should be advised to eat before entering treatment, as the treatment may lower blood sugar!
• Absorption of nutrients and medicines may be enhanced. Highly potent psychiatric or pain medication may sometimes cause mild nausea during or after treatment.
• The treatment affects the central nervous system through sensory stimulation of the entire body surface and the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, the treatment can be effectively utilised for, for example, various pain states, migraines, tension headaches, numbness and sensory disturbances, muscle tension relief, relaxation of involuntary muscles, promotion of mobility, and increased body perception.
• The primary purpose of the treatment is to relieve physical stress. This is done through muscle and tissue stimulation, as well as intense mental relaxation. Changes in neurotransmitter activity together with a decrease in cortisol levels will lead to an increase in parasympathetic activity. This way, involuntary activity in the body calms down and this promotes the functioning of the internal organs. Most commonly, this is noticeable in improved bowel and lung function, decreased high blood pressure, unexplained pain relief, and improved sleep quality and a more relaxed feeling. This also leads to improved alertness and mood.
• Some individuals may experience increased pain or headache after treatment. Usually this phenomenon vanishes after 1-2 treatments. If the pain continues to increase even after this, it is advisable to take a break from treatment due to a possible inflammatory condition.
• Treatment may be very tiring for individuals who have accumulated sleep debt for a longer period of time. In such cases, it is not advisable to drive a vehicle after treatment.

The vibration works in the same area as the body's own vibrations and therefore the possibility of side effects is low. Some may experience malaise or headaches as side effects, but this usually goes away after 1-2 treatments. To avoid malaise or headaches after using the device, we recommend drinking plenty of water after treatment.

There are no age restrictions on the use of the device. If you have epilepsy, migraines, or any other disease that affects the brain and results in severe symptoms, do not use any activation programmes at all. In the above situations, we recommend that the vibration not be directed at the head area at all.

If you have any of the following, do not use the device:
- Acute inflammatory condition
- Acute blood clot
- Active cancer
- Flu and fever
- Pregnancy
- Herniated disc in the acute phase
- Serious eye disease (risk of crystalline lens or lens detachment, eye surgery)
- If you have just had an open operation or are at any other risk of bleeding
- If you have been vaccinated, do not use the Neurosonic device for 2 hours after receiving the vaccine.

If you have any further questions on the use of this device, discuss them with your doctor.

We hope you send your invoices primarily as e-invoices. Processing e-invoices is faster, more reliable, and cheaper for both the sender and the recipient in comparison with processing paper invoices.

Our e-invoice addresses are:

Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)

E-invoicing address: 003723709995

EDI identifier: 003723709995

If you are unable to send e-invoices, please contact us at invoices@neurosonic.fi

Which Neurosonic device is right for you?

Neurosonic devices differ especially in design, but also in power. Some devices are also preferred by certain customer groups for convenience and perfect suitability for them. All Neurosonic devices have the same application, which also means that all eight programmes are available, regardless of device design or performance.

Reducing the symptoms caused by stress also saves on sick day costs. For office spaces, we recommend especially the PLUS device, because with a larger number of users, the needs of the users are also very diverse. PLUS devices make the Neurosonic device always suitable for active athletes, as well as for employees suffering from a lack of mental recovery. The most common products we supply to offices are Divans, Professional chairs, and N.A.P. Neuron Activation Pods.

You can save your own resources and provide support for rehabilitation with a new type of tool that has already produced excellent results for hundreds of professionals in various fields. Neurosonic is used by hundreds of experts in psychotherapy, physiotherapy, healthcare, and rehabilitation. For professionals, we definitely recommend the Neurosonic PLUS devices, of which the Professional chair has been the most popular. The Professional chair fits extremely well in many kinds of spaces and is ideal for a wide range of users, as in addition to Neurosonic, it also has a tilting feature to find the optimal position for everyone individually. In addition, the Professional chair is completely different from other Neurosonic devices, as it has six vibrator components instead of four, which are placed in the area of the calves and thighs. By increasing the number of vibrators, the effect on fluid circulation of the limbs and metabolism is stronger.

When a consumer is considering purchasing a Neurosonic device, we usually ask a few questions that will help us recommend a specific device for them. The first question is: do you want to carry the device with you or use it only at home? And the second question is: do you have space in your home for new furniture?

When the customer’s answer to the first question is that they want to carry the device with them, we recommend our traditional mobile mattress or our new gorgeous Wave mattress. Both are foldable and easy to slip into their own carrying case, making it easy to take the device anywhere. If the customer does not want to carry the device with them, there are considerably more possibilities.

When the customer’s answer to the second question is that there is no space at home, we recommend considering the mattress models mentioned above or, if a bed upgrade is timely, replacing the old bed with our wonderful electric adjustable bed with Neurosonic technology. If there is space at home, there are again far more opportunities, from the Divan to the Professional chair.

We recommend the Neurosonic Plus devices, for instance, for actively exercising people, athletes, diabetics, people with reduced mobility, and those who are overweight. As it has more power, it strongly affects metabolism, fluid circulation, muscle tension, muscle fatigue, and recovery! All devices can relieve stress-related symptoms and sleep disorders. The only difference between a PLUS and a BASIC device is the power, with the result that the PLUS device is more versatile. Both models have the same Neurosonic software ( pcs.) and other features.


Bluetooth connection problem

Turn off the Neurosonic device briefly and restart the tablet/phone if necessary


Bluetooth connection problem

If you do not use the device for a while, disconnect it from the Neurosonic application settings. You can also switch off the tablet if it has no other use. If you turn off the Neurosonic device without disconnecting it from the application first, you may have problems connecting.


Power problem.

Check that the green/blue LED light on the power supply is on. Check that the power cord is plugged in and securely plugged into the power supply. Check that the cord from the power supply to the central unit is securely connected.

Power adjustment is set to Off mode or the signal cable is disconnected and/or loose.

Increase power and make sure the signal cable connector is securely connected to the main unit. If necessary, restart the tablet and central unit.

There is a problem with the Bluetooth connection or the signal cable is not connected properly to the central unit of the device.

As in the first problem, check that the signal cable of the device (green connector) is securely connected to the central unit. In the application settings, check that the demo mode is not on.

The device is connected to another device nearby, such as a mobile phone, or the central unit has no power.

Make sure the Neurosonic device is not connected to another device. Check the power on the Neurosonic device and find/reconnect.

Power problem.

Make sure that the grey power cord of the tilt motor is plugged into a socket and that it is securely plugged into the motor. Ensure that the control device’s cord is plugged into the motor. If the motor overheats, the protection relay turns off the motor. In this case, wait for the motor to cool down.

The mattress is placed incorrectly or on too hard a surface, or the signal cable is not securely plugged into the central unit.

Make sure that the openings for the vibrators at the bottom of the mattress are facing down. Place the mattress on a soft surface, not directly on the floor. Ensure that the signal cable is securely plugged in.

Uneven surface.

Adjust the pads under the Divan legs at the front end to balance the device.