The highest level of recovery for professionals and hobbyists

Neurosonic technology stimulates the body and nervous system by enhancing its corrective and restorative functions. The vibration mechanically directs you to a meditation-like state, whereby your recovery functions start and you recover from your workouts and competitions more effectively and holistically, while preparing for future adventures.

Neurosonic technology has an impact on four areas of your well-being; sleep quality, stress, recovery, and concentration. Prolonged use provides the best effects, but studies show that vibration can quickly affect delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and running speed, among other things.

Neurosonic is used by many professional athletes as well as hobbyists. Neurosonic equipment can be found from homes of hockey players, UFC fighters, soccer players, Crossfit professionals, among others. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to collaborate with athletes, so feel free to contact our marketing if you are interested in taking your recovery to the next level!

What does Neurosonic affect?

Better sleep quality

When the mechanisms of sleep are restored, it is easier to fall asleep, nocturnal awakenings are reduced, and sleep quality improves and becomes more restorative.

Less stress

The nerve pathways in an alert state calm down, and positive changes take place in neurotransmitter activity, allowing recovery.

Faster recovery

The activity of the autonomic nervous system is balanced, making recovery more efficient. At the same time, muscle blood circulation and metabolism recover faster.

More focus

Our technology "empties your head" and relaxes your body effectively while improving your alertness. Certain frequency ranges activate the nervous system and blood circulation.

Testimonials from athletes

Hundreds of athletes, both on competitional level and hobbyists, have found Neurosonic helpful in faster recovery and improving sleep quality.

Feedback from athletes

My experiences with the use of Neurosonic have been purely positive. I have been helped with recovery from stress and exercise, and sleep has become deeper and of better quality.

Salla-Marja Salminen

I have never tried a mattress or anything that has had such a clear effect on my own recovery and night’s sleep. I'm feeling very good and relaxed after each time. I have played sports all my life and I can warmly recommend the product to all athletes and all other people who want to improve their well-being and health. Top product!

Mika Ojala

I have used Neurosonic in my work, based on which I can warmly recommend treatment for those suffering from various sleep and stress symptoms. In addition, based on my own experience and the help and benefits it provides, Neurosonic accelerates recovery from strenuous physical activity and supports training.

Mari Brunou, BBalance

During these three weeks, both I and Oura say the following: I fall asleep and calm down faster, I even get triple times the sleep and deep sleep than before, I wake up in the mornings well rested, I also get more sleep every night (+ better quality). An athlete cannot get a better way to recover than good quality and adequate recovery with regular sleep.

Lotta Harala

I found a good reason to get the Neurosonic divan when I found it hard to relax during the evening. Since using the divan since July, I have both slept better but also recovered better. With Neurosonic, I mainly use a relaxation and recovery program that, in addition to catching dreams, has improved my body’s fluid circulation. I can only recommend this recovery device to anyone!

Antti Nurmi

I live part of the year in Spain. I have a Neurosonic mattress there and a divan at home in Finland. I use the device daily if I have it on hand. I find it amazing how the treatment relaxes and restores you and also improves sleep. I’ve been using Neurosonic devices for about three years now and I’m downright hooked. I can recommend Neurosonic to anyone for recovery, but I think it’s also helpful for sleep problems and for people who don’t like traditional massage.

Sami Seliö

After the treatment, the feeling is really relaxed. I have an Oura wellness ring that measures almost the entire treatment time to always relaxing moment. The difference is huge, if you just rest in bed during the day, for example. I’m always a little critical of devices like this, but Neurosonic has surprised me ever since the first time. Definitely goes to the top of the list in relaxation related devices.

Tomi Jaakkola

This has been a great tool for our recovery supporting concept. Experience has shown that mental and physical resources increase with regular use of Neurosonic. The technology has also had a clearl positive effect on the quality of night sleep, resulting in a better recovery which has allowed for more exercise.

ProRecovery Oy

I believe Neurosonic has made it possible for me to both compete in dressage and fly as my profession. Neurosonic is helping me to recover and get adequate and good quality rest. The help is tremendous!

Antti Lehtilä

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