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Neurosonic technology has a balancing effect directly on the autonomic nervous system. The Neurosonic relaxation treatment directs the body to a state similar to meditation, making recovery faster and more efficient. The healthy sleep mechanisms are restored, and at the same time, many other things in the body and mind are given the opportunity to recover.

The magic of our technology is its simplicity. The vibration frequencies are designed to awaken our body’s natural way to release stress. The vibration imitates the way a zebra shakes stress out of its body in the savannah after escaping a lion. We humans have lost this ability to shake stress out of our bodies. That is why we need Neurosonic: to restore this nature shaped intelligence to our bodies and help us get rid of stress.

The effects are quickly noticed in everyday life. Each member of the family can easily find a personal benefit. In addition, different programs produce different effects. For example, an athlete can use Neurosonic not only as an effective aid in recovery but also for rapid activation before performance.

You can use the mobile application to easily select ready 10-40 minute programmes for relaxation, activation or recovery. Take a powernap in the middle of a busy day or choose a relaxation programme for sleep problems or stress. You can use activation programmes to boost your metabolism, increase your alertness, or warm up your muscles. Recovery programmes are ideal after sports or for reducing swelling, for example.

What does Neurosonic affect?

Better sleep quality

When the mechanisms of sleep are restored, it is easier to fall asleep, nocturnal awakenings are reduced, and sleep quality improves and becomes more restorative.


Less stress

The nerve pathways in an alert state calm down, and positive changes take place in neurotransmitter activity, allowing recovery.


Faster recovery

The activity of the autonomic nervous system is balanced, making recovery more efficient. At the same time, muscle blood circulation and metabolism recover faster.

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Limited Edition Chaise Longue

10 years of better body and mind balance.

The Neurosonic 10 Year Anniversary Limited Edition celebrates the tenth anniversary of Neurosonic. The products in the collection are available in two colors - cognac and sand. The Neurosonic 10 Year Anniversary Limited Edition collection is limited as only one hundred (100) copies are available. Each product is therefore individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

4 190€

Comprehensive range of programmes

You can use the mobile application to easily select ready 10-40 minute programmes for relaxation, activation, and recovery.

We let experiences speak for themselves

We hear every day how Neurosonic has helped our customers to feel better. The positive feedback has been impressive. See how many lives have taken on a new direction.


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