Design Deed of the Year 2023 awarded to wellness technology company Neurosonic

Press release, embargo until 29 November 2023 at 2:50 pm

Design Deed of the Year 2023 awarded to wellness technology company Neurosonic

The Design from Finland mark’s Design Deed of the Year 2023 title was awarded to Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd. Neurosonic manufactures wellness technology to promote the balance of body and mind. The Design Deed of the Year title is awarded annually to a Finnish enterprise that utilises design in its business. Other award criteria include, for example, everyday functionality and originality.


Neurosonic’s wellness technology produces low-frequency vibration. As a natural mechanism, it has a direct balancing impact on the autonomic nervous system. The Neurosonic relaxation method leads the body into a meditation-like state, which makes recovery faster and more efficient. In addition, Neurosonic improves the quality of sleep and reduces the amount of times you wake up at night.


Neurosonic was awarded the Association for Finnish Work’s Design from Finland mark in 2022 and the Key Flag symbol in recognition of products made in Finland in 2019. Now, the company receives the prestigious Design Deed of the Year award. The jury appreciates the fact that Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd’s products are multisensory and that the company has created new wellness technology solutions.

“Neurosonic’s mattresses and chaise longues combine high-quality technology with human-based design. The aesthetic features are not limited to just their looks; instead, the design considers the multisensory and bodily experience,” explains one of the judges, Designer Hanna-Kaisa Alanen.

“Neurosonic’s products respond to a societal challenge and offer a solution for relieving stress and improving the quality of sleep. The products have been designed to support the relaxation and balance of the body and mind in a gentle manner. They have already found their place in various uses, such as therapy services,” continues Alanen.

The Design Deed of the Year award 2023 is an important recognition of Neurosonic’s design and development work to increase the wellbeing of people.


“I am extremely proud of and grateful for this recognition. The Design Deed of the Year award 2023 is not just an acknowledgement of the design of our products – it also reflects our commitment to the promotion of wellbeing and health. We are committed to continuously develop our products and services in order to support our customers in the best possible manner on their wellness journey. This award is an important milestone on our journey and inspires us to continue taking our innovations and quality to the world,” says Neurosonic’s Chief Executive Officer Juha Suoniemi.


The Design Deed of the Year prize has now been awarded 12 times. Last year, the prize was awarded to FabPatch Oy, which manufactures Fabpatches; in 2021, to Kempower Oy, specialising in EV fast-charging devices and technology; and in 2020, to Piiroinen Oy, which manufactures furniture for public spaces.


The jury included Chair of the Design from Finland mark committee, Designer (M.A.) and PhD Researcher at the University of Vaasa Hanna-Kaisa Alanen, member of the Design from Finland mark committee and Creative Director of Grafia ry Anssi Kähärä, CEO of FabPatch Oy Taija Sailio and CEO of the Association for Finnish Work Katri Viippola.

More information:

Juha Suoniemi, Chief Executive Officer, Neurosonic, +358 (0)40 763 9674,

Katri Viippola, CEO, The Association for Finnish Work, +358 (0)400 129 500,

Niina Ollikka, Marketing Manager, Design from Finland, Association for Finnish Work, +358 (0)40 674 8773,

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Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd. Neurosonic is a Finnish wellness technology company specialised in developing innovative solutions to promote the balance between the body and mind. The company is particularly known for products utilising low-frequency vibration that help people relax and improve the quality of their sleep.