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N.A.P. Neuron Activation Pod

N.A.P. Neuron Activation Pod
N.A.P. Neuron Activation Pod N.A.P. Neuron Activation Pod N.A.P. Neuron Activation Pod N.A.P. Neuron Activation Pod

€15.843,00 EUR
+ VAT 24%

N.A.P. aka Neuron Activation Pod is a stunning design product created in cooperation with Loook Industries Ltd., combining Loook's handiwork with Neurosonic technology. N.A.P. as well as helping you sleep better, it is also a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace or, for example, to have a remote meeting in a calmer environment.

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This pearl of Scandinavian design has a powerful restorative and relaxing effect. Many companies and public service providers use N.A.P. to supplement their services and to provide more wellbeing for their staff.

The optimal treatment position of the device combined with state-of-the-art technology produces excellent and rapid results in many different symptoms.

The chair's programs are controlled wirelessly with a mobile application that allows you to select your preferred program area for relaxation, activation or recovery. The programs have different uses and a comprehensive library provides something for everyone.

All our products have a standard two (2) year warranty.

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Frame: pressure molded birch, steel and high quality foam with fabric padding

Chassis: Wheels made of polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber or feet of oak


Height: 1480 mm
Width: 2100 mm
Depth: 800 mm

Price from 15.843,00€ (+ VAT24%)

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