Wellbeing at Work: Neurosonic's Relaxing Impact at Virkisteri

Virkisteri Oy is dedicated to promoting workplace well-being, and as part of this commitment, we have adopted Neurosonic's innovative solutions in our office. We got acquainted with Neurosonic during our well-being days, and the trial period convinced us of its relaxing effects.

Choice for our work environment:

Working in the well-being sector, our days are both mentally and physically demanding. We are aware that even positive aspects such as enthusiasm and exercise can stress the nervous system. Therefore, we decided to implement Neurosonic's recovery method. We chose the mobile mattress, with its gentle treatments suitable for everyone and easy to move around.

Implementation and user experience:

The implementation of Neurosonic went smoothly, and soon we noticed its positive effects. During the workday, Neurosonic provides a quick and efficient way to relax. The recovery period is also evident in the smartwatch data, reinforcing the importance of recovery in our busy lives.

Employee well-being:

We have observed a clear difference in our employees' productivity, commitment, and well-being after implementing Neurosonic. Longer treatment sessions are particularly popular after demanding workdays.


We highly recommend Neurosonic for all types of work environments. Daytime recovery is essential for both productivity and well-being, and Neurosonic offers one of the fastest, most effective, and enjoyable means for this.

Kati Boijer-Spoof Heikinheimo
Development Director
Virkisteri Oy