Software Point: Neurosonic has generated a positive response in terms of well-being and productivity for our company's employees

How did you hear about Neurosonic?

"We became aware of Neurosonic when I got to try Neurosonic at the HrX fair in 2019 and got excited about the idea of introducing Neurosonic to our office," says Johanna Gillberg, HR Director at Software Point. "After that, I presented the idea to the rest of the management, and I managed to persuade the CFO to join a test visit to the Neurosonic showroom."

The introductory visit also convinced others about acquiring Neurosonic for the Software Point office, where the goal was to enhance the well-being and recovery of the staff working at different rhythms during the workday. Everything started rolling forward from there, as the price was right, and the whole package was easily deployable, recalls Johanna about the early stages.

Neurosonic has been a fantastic benefit for the employees and was warmly welcomed at the office.

Neurosonic has been in heavy use from the beginning, and for the first three months, the room was booked from seven in the morning until late in the evening. With the arrival of the pandemic and remote work recommendations, usage decreased somewhat, but now Neurosonic is again attracting employees back to the office.

Where did you place Neurosonic in the office?

On the fifth floor of the office building, there is also a great gym that complements the employee benefits besides Neurosonic. We found a perfect place for Neurosonic in a windowless room called Sauna, and the other interior products for the room, including carpets, were already available in the office.

The Sauna room is an ideal location, allowing relaxation even in the dark if needed. This space is located in a central meeting area next to the kitchen island. While listening to music, you can't hear any noise from outside, and you get complete peace.

Implementation of Neurosonic

Concerning the implementation, we had a good start when the staff learned about the benefits of Neurosonic from a Neurosonic expert at the office's breakfast meeting. The introduction of Neurosonic in the workplace has also been promoted by employees talking to each other and sharing their experiences.

Together, we have thought about which program suits each situation and has worked for others with specific needs. The central location at the office has also promoted usage, and the room's reservation status is easily visible with a red lamp next to the door.

Regarding the use of Neurosonic, the main confusion has been about adjusting the program's intensities since not all users were aware of this feature in the application. The new refresh button in the Neurosonic app update, located in the lower corner of the screen to reset intensity default settings, was warmly welcomed at the office. Now, adjusting intensities is more accessible through the application.

The implementation has gone smoothly, and if there have been any challenges, Neurosonic has provided assistance immediately. From the customer's perspective, your customer service has worked flawlessly even after the device acquisition.

Have you noticed any changes in people after the introduction?

"We have noticed changes in the well-being of employees after the introduction of Neurosonic. Because of this, employees go back to using Neurosonic again and again.

For example, after a 3-hour morning meeting, an employee might feel completely drained, and with Neurosonic, they feel they can cope better with the afternoon's work. Several employees have found relief in sleep quality and used Neurosonic programs, especially in the initial stages.

Currently, the device is primarily used to support daytime recovery when employees are in the office. Neurosonic is indeed beneficial during workdays, and even at the end of the workday, people go to the room before leaving for home.

Other Feedback

"Well-being is hugely important," says Rya Rosenlund-Tiainen, Office Manager at Software Point. There haven't been specific measurements regarding the impact on sick leave after the introduction of Neurosonic, but there is very little long-term absenteeism.

Employees have only given positive feedback about Neurosonic, and they have embraced its use. It has been wonderful to see even new employees discovering Neurosonic.

Appreciation for the opportunity for recovery during workdays is genuine, and it is genuinely a significant additional benefit at work. Yes, we believe that Neurosonic has produced a positive response to the well-being and productivity of our company's employees by 110%," says Rya Rosenlund-Tiainen.

The well-being of the staff is everything to make things work. This is a brilliant way to take care of the well-being of employees. We wholeheartedly recommend Neurosonic to other companies. Everyone, get Neurosonic rooms!

Johanna Gillberg
HR Director Software Point

Rya Rosenlund-Tiainen
Office Manager