Topi Raitanen: Faster Recovery with Neurosonic

The European champion, Topi Raitanen, who competes in the 3,000-meter steeplechase, found a new way to optimize his recovery and sleep quality with the help of the Neurosonic Mobile Mattress gen2.

As a competitor who constantly strives to surpass my own limits on the track, I know how important it is to devote not only to intensive training but also to quality recovery and sleep. My first encounter with Neurosonic products occurred in Pajulahti during my camp, where I got to test the Neurosonic gen2 Mobile Mattress. I had heard how it could help improve sleep quality and accelerate recovery, which was absolutely appealing, especially after long and demanding competition and training periods.


Neurosonic: Help for a faster recovery during on-season and off-season

Previously, I had faced challenges in recovery and sleep quality, especially after intense exertion. The early morning sleeps were often interrupted, and falling asleep during the competition season was challenging. The Neurosonic Mobile Mattress gen2 offered a solution to these problems. The mattress helped me calm down when going to bed, which was a significant aid to my falling asleep issues.

Even though I did not measure my sleep quality precisely, I clearly felt how the mattress helped me calm down in the evening before going to sleep. This was especially valuable during the competition season when my body and mind were often heavily strained. During the competition season, I used Neurosonic when going to bed, and it seamlessly integrated into my daily recovery and sleep routine.

The use of Neurosonic products positively affected my energy levels, concentration, and performance through recovery. This was significant as overstrain and sleep challenges had previously slowed down my recovery after the competition season. Thanks to Neurosonic, I got help with these challenges and felt that recovery after the competition season succeeded better.

Based on my user experience, I would definitely recommend Neurosonic products to other athletes who face challenges in recovery and sleep quality. Especially if falling asleep is challenging, the Neurosonic Mobile Mattress gen2 has been a great help to me for relaxation before going to bed. Neurosonic has positively impacted the overall well-being and development of my athletic career, and I will continue to use it as part of my recovery routine in the future.