Introducing Neurosonic Gen2 - Transform the way you recover!​

Introducing Neurosonic Gen2 - Transform the way you recover!

How does less stress, faster recovery and better sleep sound? Quite amazing, we agree. And here is how it’s done!​

With Gen2 we take your recovery experience to a whole new level with stronger vibration, more powerful muscle stimulation and an overall better user experience.

What's new?

Stronger and more effective vibration

When the mechanisms of sleep are restored, it is easier to fall asleep and sleep quality improves and becomes more restorative. Now even more effectively than before!

More powerful muscle stimulation

The nerve pathways in an alert state calm down, and positive changes take place in neurotransmitter activity, allowing a fast and effective recovery

New Program

New technology enables better usability and adding new programs also going forward. Now Neurosonic Gen2 users will get a new 22 min recovery program that utilizes the new more powerful power output to increase ways of restoring you and improving your sleep. No more excuses to feel better!

Beautiful Scandinavian Design

The new Neurosonic Gen2 Product Family has a beautiful yet simple Scandinavian Design. It comes in colours suitable for offices, recovery areas and for home.

Mobile App improvements

The Mobile App has a new and improved user interface where you can track your own data, make collections and view other users' recommended programs. Already available on App Store and Google Play!