Quiet spaces and recovery areas help recover during the working day

Today's working life is full of stimuli, interruptions, constant change and haste. For many, this is reflected in problems in recovery and sleep quality. It would be good to start the recovery already during the (working) day, so that the nervous system has time to calm down and doesn't go into overdrive when you should go to bed.

Poorly restorative sleep and a constant overloading of the body reduce work efficiency and affect the ability to think creatively. The problem is that, for many of us, any recovery takes place after the working day, which makes recovery challenging and, even, impossible.

Soothing vibrations

The Neurosonic method sends very low frequency vibrations through the body. The vibrations directly affect the autonomic nervous system, so the mind does not have to work to relax as it does in meditation. All you need to do is lie down on the Neurosonic divan and turn on the programme, and the recovery can begin. The PowerNap programme lasts 10 minutes and is a good way to kick-start your early daytime recovery. 

Recovery as part of the working day

In a company’ quiet space, you can use an Outlook calendar or a meeting room scheduling system as a booking system. Everyone can book a 10-minute Neurosonic relaxation session in a quiet room at their own convenience, and the room is always free when you go there.

In recovery areas, you can use headphones and sleep masks to block out environmental stimuli. You can also obtain an optional relaxation music licence. Relaxation music helps you to calm down faster in the middle of a busy working day.

Products by application

One of Neurosonic's partners in interior decoration projects is Input Interior, which has been involved in the implementation of workspaces for Technopolis' coworking chain UMA Workspace in Finland and abroad. Neurosonic divans are in use at UMA Workspaces in Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania and Norway. In Finland, Neurosonic can be found, for example, in the Teurastamo and Keilaniemi UMA locations.

Neurosonic products are used in Finland and abroad in offices, schools, spas, gyms, health centres, nursing homes and airports. New locations are being found all the time. Many people also buy these devices for their homes. Different environments require different products. You can find more information about the products here.

An asset to keep good employees happy

The Neurosonic method is definitely worth exploring if you need to furnish quiet spaces in companies or other similar recovery areas. Investing in quiet spaces and recovery areas is also a good asset when a company wants to keep its best employees happy. 

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