Press release: Neurosonic will relax and recover your body and mind in just ten minutes and is now even more personalized

The Patented Neurosonic Solution stimulates the body and nervous system by boosting restorative and recovery functions with low frequency vibration. The groundbreaking method has been designed with doctors, psychotherapists, and physiotherapists to help with recovery, stress, and sleep.

Neurosonic launches a new mobile app to enable more options and personalization for current and future users. Through “Own Programs” user can now combine their favorite programs into seamless and more personalized experience. From “user recommendations” you can find recommendations from the Neurosonic user community on various uses cases wellness professionals have found Neurosonic useful for. “Statistics” view gives you an access to follow the usage data on your Neurosonic. For the music license owners, there is also great news as the amount of available relaxation tracks is now increased to ten. Neurosonic mobile app is now available in Apple Appstore as well as Google play store for both iOS and Android operating systems.

“With the new Neurosonic mobile app we want give more for the user: More options, more recommendations, and more music together with better user interface. I’m really excited that the efforts put into the development are now available for the Neurosonic users to download. We will of course continue to develop the app as well as the product itself and I’m sure we can share more product news more frequently going forward.” says Juha Suoniemi, CEO of Neurosonic Finland Ltd.

Stress, sleeping disorders and lack of recovery are typical problems in today’s society which Neurosonic is designed to tackle. Up to 50% of general population is affected by sleeping disorders and according to research, 1.3-3% of GDP is lost due to lack of sleep. American workers suffer from work-related stress and over 50% of lost workdays are due to stress, and nearly half of the affected say they need help in learning how to manage stress. Stress statistics from 2018 estimate that healthcare costs due to workplace stress add up to $300 billion in the US. These and several current market trends support the success of the innovation.

”Lack of recovery is a modern epidemic. Luckily, we are now starting to realize this more and more through rise of the quantified self-technology boom. There are multiple ways to measure and see the issues in stress levels and sleep quality and now with Neurosonic there is also a proven technology to help solve the problem. With Neurosonic you can ignite the body’s natural recovery process and relief the stress, improve your sleep quality or just give yourself a moment of tranquility in the middle of busy every day.” Says Marco Kärkkäinen, Chief Science Officer of Neurosonic Finland ltd and inventor of Neurosonic technology.

Neurosonic technology solution is available as Neurosonic branded chairs, chaise longues and mattresses but also as integrated in well-known furniture designers’, such as Ahrend or Tempur Sealy Suomi Oy, products. Neurosonic products are designed for professional use in office spaces, wellness centers and institutes and are suitable also for personal home use

Neurosonic Finland Ltd has established strong position in Finnish wellness-market and is now concentrating on its international expansion. There are already multiple resellers and integration partners in different countries but the goal for Neurosonic in 2023 is to multiply the number of resellers, find new integration partners and find and educate companies to help people to sleep better and recover faster during the working hours and from their daily activities.

Finnish tech innovator Neurosonic Finland Ltd today announced it will be showcasing Neurosonic Technology for a better balance of body and mind, at CES 2023. CES 2023 attendees can visit Neurosonic and test the technology in CES North Hall.

Press contact:

Juha Suoniemi
+358 40 763 9674