Five reasons to use Neurosonic

Faster recovery

Recovery is both physical and mental, and at Neurosonic we look at recovery holistically, as something that we should focus on. Neurosonic's recovery-enhancing neural effect is based on changes in the autonomic nervous system. Vibration has been shown to promote recovery, which is reflected, for example, in an increase in heart rate variability. The only way to recover holistically is to focus on giving the parasympathetic nervous system time to activate. It only happens when at rest. Without rest, there is no recovery, because recovery is not just about a reduction in distracting thoughts, it also takes place at a cellular level. The parasympathetic nervous system ensures that the body has sufficient energy available to perform different functions. Both physiological and psychological problems may result if not enough attention is paid to this.

Neurosonic is based on the effects of whole-body vibrations on the nervous system and blood circulation. Even a 10-minute session in the middle of the working day induces a state in the nervous system that favours the activation of recovery mechanisms.

Better sleep

We believe that sleep is one of the most important aspects of life and health. The quality of sleep has a direct impact on memory, learning ability and mood, and has a rejuvenating effect on the immune system and metabolism. According to feedback from the Neurosonic technology, most people are experiencing increased deep sleep cycles and REM sleep, and many are starting to dream more. Around 80% of people who use Neurosonic benefit significantly after just 1–5 sessions and get help with their sleep problems. According to customer feedback, it also seems that the vibration affects the body's internal circadian clock, shifting restorative sleep periods more into the early hours of the night, where they naturally belong.

Less stress

At Neurosonic, we encounter customers every day who have problems with prolonged stress and related sleep disturbances, recovery problems and related psychological and physiological symptoms. To get rid of physical stress, the imbalances in the body need to be addressed physiologically. Influencing through thinking is a much slower process, due to the structure of our brains, primarily the connections between the limbic system and the cortex and frontal lobes of the brain. When the body is calmed through external stimulation, it is much easier to change the way we think about stressors. Neurosonic increases parasympathetic activity and this contributes to overall recovery. Customer feedback suggests that after starting to use Neurosonic, a stressed person can fall asleep more easily and nightly wake-ups that cause wakefulness are reduced or eliminated.

Activation for the challenges of the day

Neurosonic's activation programmes awaken the body for an upcoming performance by raising the state of alertness. The benefits of activation programmes have also been seen in terms of increased metabolism, increased alertness or muscle warming.

Finding your own way to relax 

The Neurosonic relaxation method mechanically guides you into a meditation-like state. A vibration directly affects the autonomic nervous system, so the mind does not have to work in order to relax. Neurosonic is a great low-threshold way to make relaxation, recovery and calming a part of every day at home, in the office or at the gym.