The positive effects of Neurosonic in Paytrail's work environment

First Encounter with Neurosonic:

Employee well-being plays a significant role in a company's success. Paytrail Oy recognizes this and has invested in innovative methods to promote well-being. The latest addition is the Neurosonic chaise longue, which has received praise from employees.

Positive User Experiences as the Background for Familiarization and Selection:

Paytrail became familiar with Neurosonic products through employees' personal use at home. Their positive experiences led the company to decide to acquire the device for the office.

Easy Implementation and User-Friendliness:

The choice was made for the Neurosonic chaise longue, which was recommended to the company based on their needs. The implementation of the chaise longue went smoothly. Employees have found the device easy to use, and the comprehensive instructions have helped them select the appropriate program.

Energy and Relaxation in a Busy Workday:

The changes reported by employees in productivity and well-being after the introduction of Neurosonic have been significant. Users have mentioned that it has brought calmness in the midst of a busy workday, provided energy during moments of fatigue, and also helped with migraines and back problems.

Improved Sleep Quality and Reduced Stress:

Even previously experienced issues such as stress and sleep problems have alleviated since the implementation of Neurosonic. Employees have felt that the device improves their recovery, lowers their stress levels, and enhances sleep quality.

Positive Reception and Experiences from Employees:

Employees have enthusiastically welcomed Neurosonic, and the feedback regarding the use of the chaise longue has been unanimously positive. Regular use of Neurosonic during the workday has promoted relaxation, recovery, and rejuvenation among employees.

Investing in Well-being and Productivity:

Although measurements of Neurosonic's impact on factors such as sick leave or overall job satisfaction have not been conducted yet, Paytrail's management believes that the investment has yielded positive results in terms of employee well-being and productivity. The good user experiences have led to the acquisition of the Neurosonic chaise longue for another office location within the company.

Recommendations and Advice for Implementation:

Paytrail recommends Neurosonic products to other companies that want to improve their employees' well-being. According to them, Neurosonic provides a valuable moment of relaxation in demanding work environments, and its various programs cater to individual needs. During the implementation process, they emphasize the importance of thoroughness to maximize the benefits of the device.

The company believes that the effects of Neurosonic would be even greater with more regular use. This tip may also be useful for other companies considering the acquisition of Neurosonic.


The Neurosonic chaise longue has brought joy and benefits to the Paytrail work community, and its positive effects on employee well-being and productivity have been clearly visible. The investment in Neurosonic products has been profitable, and the company recommends them to other businesses that prioritize employee well-being.