Healthcare professional Riku Aalto: Neurosonic helps me in pain management and control.

Healthcare professional Riku Aalto: Neurosonic helps me in pain management and control.

The text has been written to us and sent as feedback by Riku Aalto. Riku has worked as a coach, trainer and lecturer in exercise and wellness field almost for a quarter of a century, and has written about 30 books and a half thousand expert articles on exercise, health and nutrition.

I have long suffered from unexplained joint pain. At first, the shoulders, lower back, and Achilles tendons ached. Then my elbows, knees and sometimes my hips also became sore. Although an explanatory factor for pain was sought through comprehensive laboratory tests, magnetic resonance imaging, and manual tests, no concrete cause for the problems was found. Based on research, I was instead sound as a bell. My walk only made me feel that I had already turned 90 years with careful stuttering and had to gather an attitude to get out of the car in a minute. Even at home, I hung on the railings with both hands every time I descended the stairs. The pain had come to stay instead of just visiting.

One beautiful day, however, I was startled in our home, when I skipped the stairs down from upstairs. What miracle had just happened, I wondered. I had come up the stairs down running, without even taking one hand to support the stair railing. I paused for a moment to wonder what was different now and what I had done differently in the last few days…

I have always loved physical activity in its different forms, so much so that it has become a profession for mine, through which I get to inspire and activate other to move. When I was younger, I played team sports at the Finnish Championship series in different age groups. I played in four different ball games in the main league teams and won a Finnish Championship medal in each of them. I also played a few matches in the fifth sport, floorball. After my sports career, I applied to study, what else, than to the sports profession.

After graduating as a physiotherapist, I continued my studies as a professional coach, in which I worked for a couple of years, before finding a real passion for the subject. Personal trainer studies were a turning point. Immediately after the first short period of my studies, I knew I had found my calling: An area where I could leverage my sports, fitness, and rehabilitation skills and through which I could positively influence the exercise and health behaviors of numerous people. Now, many years after  being a personal trainer for a couple of dozen people, I feel privileged that I have been as an entrepreneur, and employing a positive impact on the field of business for such a long period.

However, the fact that I, a “role model” with a sporty background, activating and inspiring others, and pursuing a health-promoting lifestyle, had become a “grandpa” who had difficult times to move, and always listing my pains was quite depressing. In addition to the fact that pain deactivated, restricted exercise, and impaired quality of life, it gradually became the norm in my life. The fact that I couldn’t sleep on either side, I barely got my shoelaces tied, and had to limit my exercise hobbies to cycling and skiing started to feel normal little by little. I no longer even wanted to remember how it felt to be painless while walking, bowing, or while taking running steps…

Now, however, I was amazed at my brisk stair run downstairs in our home. I rewound the last days and what was different now. I hadn’t taken painkillers, rheumatism medications, and I didn’t go to a cold pool, or massage. Instead, I had visited, on the recommendation of my friend Simo, to experiment with the Neurosonic relaxation method, after meeting him by chance at a training session. When asked about my willingness to experiment, I was mainly interested in improving the quality of my sleep and experimenting with the functionality of Neurosonic as a relaxation aid. However, I couldn’t even assume it would help me in treating and managing my pain.

After a trial, I got a mattress for a loan from Simo, which I had time to use for a couple of days, trying different program options. Hanging on the handrails of home stairs, ohad already become a thing that successfully avoiding it woke me up to combine a good treatment result with Neurosonic.

Of course, the therapeutic effect of Neurosonic does not cure the root cause of my pain, but in my experience, it already helps significantly to reduce my pain. Thanks to the pain-reducing effect of vibration therapy, I am also able to carry out, for example, pelvic and lower limb mobility exercises more painlessly, which means that I believe that I am able to influence the root cause much more effectively and more pleasantly.

I am currently trying to use Neurosonic on a daily basis. I make use of, above all, long, relaxing and recovery programs, as I have found them to not only decrease the pain, but to improve sleep quality the following night. Travel days as well as a busy schedule have on some days prevented taking vibration therapy. It has immediately felt like stiffness in my joints, increased pain, and decreased everyday activity.

In my case, it’s just a one-man trial period, but the experiences during it are so positive to myself that I definitely encourage you to try Neurosonic too if you want to relax, improve your sleep, recover, or relieve your pain in a drug-free and pleasant way. Only release from the pain spiral often reminds us of how comfortable life is when no part of the body is constantly hurting.

Picture taken by Markku Hyttinen/ Fotoinferno