F1 Boat World Champion Finds Recovery and Relaxation with Neurosonic Method

The double world champion of F1 boats has been using the Neurosonic method for the third year.

Sami Seliö is a double world champion of F1 boats. The F1 series is the highest racing series for powerboats. Like in car racing, the boats compete in races around the world for championship points.

"When driving an F1 boat, the body is under intense strain due to the G-forces it experiences. I also maintain my fitness with taekwondo training. In the past, I used a lot of massage for recovery," says Sami. "I have also tried several massage chairs and devices to aid in recovery. However, no mechanically massaging chairs have been good," Sami comments.

"I heard about the Neurosonic method from my manager, who suggested using the chair to me. I didn't believe the sales pitch at all that the method would be helpful. The chair looked like an ordinary massage chair. I thought I could watch TV while receiving the treatment. But that didn't work out. It's unbelievable how the treatment relaxes and helps the body recover," says Sami.

Sami has old sports injuries on his back. He used to visit a chiropractor frequently. "Even my chiropractor has noticed the effects of the treatment. He has mentioned that I visit his office less frequently nowadays," Sami explains.

"I live in Spain for part of the year. I have a Neurosonic mattress there, and at home in Finland, I have a divan. I use the device daily if it's available to me. I think it's incredible how the treatment relaxes, restores, and improves sleep as well. I have been using Neurosonic devices for about three years now, and I'm hooked. I can recommend Neurosonic to everyone for recovery, but I believe it's also beneficial for sleep problems and people who don't enjoy traditional massage."