Pete Parkkonen - A showartist needs fast recovery

As a frequent traveler and entrepreneur, sleep and rest are crucial for me. I sleep on various-sized and -quality beds approximately 100 nights a year. When I finally return home, the first thing on my mind is always getting some rest. However, working full-time doesn't always allow for flexibility, and getting enough sleep can be a challenge when you need it the most.

While I've always been able to fall asleep easily, it doesn't necessarily indicate the quality of my sleep. However, this spring has brought about a significant change in that aspect of my life.

Last year, I caught a glimpse of the Neurosonic device at the I Love Me Expo, but due to the long queues, I couldn't try it right away. Later on, I visited their store and had the opportunity to try out the Neurosonic-Tempur bed. Impressed by the experience, I decided to bring home their mobile mattress for further testing.

As someone who is sensitive to sensations, Neurosonic has made a tremendous difference in my daily life. The most evident improvement, of course, has been the significant enhancement in the quality of my sleep. But what surprised me even more were the changes in my post-workout recovery and metabolism.

I engage in physical activities for 5-10 hours each week, and recovery hasn't always been the easiest. Especially when I find it challenging to stay still in my daily life. Since using the Neurosonic x Tempur mattress, my sports and exercise routines have become much more manageable, thanks to improved recovery and metabolism. Moreover, the fact that all of this works in conjunction with my familiar Tempur base makes the overall experience and daily life even better.


The Neurosonic app is incredibly user-friendly, and the pre-programmed sessions have been more than sufficient for my needs. I particularly enjoy the 20-minute "relaxation" program, as it helps me easily fall asleep at night.

The "power naps" feature is also highly effective. I practice short meditation sessions, and the Neurosonic moment is perfect for that. Taking a 10-minute break from my office work has helped me gain energy several times throughout the day.

I have had many positive experiences, and I know there are many more to come. Rest and self-care are of utmost importance to me.

-Pete Parkkonen, artist

Pete Parkkonen is a Finnish singer, songwriter, and television personality. He gained fame through his participation in the Finnish version of the talent show "Idols" in 2008, where he finished as the runner-up. Since then, Pete Parkkonen has released several successful albums and singles in Finland, establishing himself as a popular artist in the Finnish music industry. In addition to his music career, he has also appeared in various television shows.