Dr. Pekka Rimpiläinen on Neurosonic Treatment: Convincing Patient Experiences on Improving Quality of Life

Pekka Rimpiläinen's work as a specialist occupational health physician brings him into contact with many patients with severe problems of insomnia, pain and depression. For some people, these problems are a cluster, or one problem leads to another, creating a vicious circle. However, patients' experiences of the Neurosonic treatment have been convincing and symptoms have been relieved. 

“I heard about the Neurosonic chair from a local physiotherapist. I had come across a slightly similar method before, back in the 90s, through top-level sport. In this method, low frequency vibration was used for athlete recovery.  This is why I dared to recommend Neurosonic to our patients. When we treat patients with severe problems of insomnia, pain or depression, you really want to find a solution that will improve the situation, especially if everything else has already been tried," Pekka says.

Improving quality of life in terms of sleep and pain relief

According to Pekka, the feedback from patients on the effects of the treatment has been very positive. It has significant beneficial effects on sleep and pain relief. As these improve, so does your mood. “I believe that Neurosonic's treatment programmes have a significant impact on the quality of life of users, as pain is reduced or eliminated and sleep becomes normal," says Pekka. As an occupational health physician, he also sees positive effects for employers and society. “Patients can return to work, and sickness absences, medication costs and associated costs are reduced. This is a good, complementary form of treatment to other treatments. I consider it to be  a win-win situation,” Pekka says.

Pekka sees new uses for this treatment, for example, in the treatment of neurological patients. He says that neurological patients benefit from a relaxation of the body and muscles and the effects on the nervous system and blood circulation that vibration therapy brings. “I would recommend this treatment and encourage colleagues to tell their patients about it. My own patients' experiences of good treatment results have been convincing," Pekka says.

Pekka Rimpiläinen, Specialist Occupational Health Physician