Neurosonic: NHL player Jani Hakanpää's choice for recovery

Dallas Stars' ice hockey defenseman Jani Hakanpää is known not only for his physical style of play but also for his world championship with the Finnish team in 2019. But how does this NHL star take care of his recovery after tough games and workouts? The answer is Neurosonic. 

Jani's first encounter with Neurosonic came through a friend who bought a Neurosonic mattress about five years ago. "I wanted to try it out for myself," Jani says.

His own osteopath, whom he has visited when still living in Oulu, also recommended the device. In addition, many other players had used Neurosonic, which increased Jani's interest. 

 Jani says that during the competition season, the biggest challenge is the late timing of the games. "When you come home late from a game, your body is revved up, and falling asleep can be challenging." The same challenge recurs during the training season after intense workouts. 


Neurosonic has been a great help to Jani in these challenges.

"When I tested it in the summer, I noticed that when you take a half-hour treatment after eating, the body calms down quickly. The revs start to drop, and the rest of the day goes by more energetically," Jani describes. He has also noticed an improvement in his sleep quality, and the next day there's more energy to train. 

During the test period, Jani did not encounter challenges or setbacks with the use of Neurosonic. "The device has always worked when needed. There's nothing to complain about." 


Jani highly recommends Neurosonic to other athletes. "The vibration thing has worked well, and my body reacts to it very positively." He advises others to boldly try different programs to find the most suitable settings for themselves. "Every time has been a positive user experience, but finding the optimal settings requires usage." 

Jani Hakanpää's story is proof of how Neurosonic can help top athletes recover more efficiently and improve their performance. 


Neurosonic's CEO Juha Suoniemi and NHL player Jani Hakanpää