Elevating Wellbeing at Work: Neurosonic Users Share Their Recovery and Relaxation Success Stories

We have first-hand experience that, placed in the right and quiet place, the Neurosonic divan is a great recovery aid during or at the end of a working day. Or even after a run. Of course, some would also like a massage chair in addition to that.

-Pontus Kihlman, Rapal Oy / Helsinki

I have used Neurosonic in my work and can warmly recommend the treatment to people suffering from various sleep and stress symptoms. Based on my own experience and the help and benefits received, Neurosonic also speeds up recovery from even the most strenuous physical activity and supports training.

-Mari Brunou, BBalance / Lahti

An excellent way to relax during the working day. A 15-minute break is good for you.

-Aleksi / Jyväskylä

I have used several low frequency devices, but Neurosonic works. We have 2 chairs and a mattress at work. If I forget to take care of myself, I can’t stop thinking about work and go on overdrive. This week I've taken care of myself again with 2 recovery treatments and it's wonderful to have slept 2 full nights. I can see it on the watch: I’m on green again.

-Heli K. 

I use the Neurosonic mattress to maintain my own well-being at work 2 or 3 times per week with relaxation programmes, the length depending on the situation. The mattress helps to break up the day and supports me for the rest of the day if I’m feeling stressed or tired. I also use the mattress with my clients on a daily basis. It is a favourite place for many children to relax and unwind. Often, even minor sensations of pain go away during the treatment.

-Helga P.