Neurosonic helps staff at London's Whipps Cross Hospital recover during COVID-19 pandemic

Neurosonic helps staff at London's Whipps Cross Hospital recover during COVID-19 pandemic

Welltek is a leading London-based furniture company committed to delivering wellbeing technology to UK workplaces. Welltek is the sole distributor of Neurosonic technology in the UK. Delivered to Whipps Cross Hospital, the Neurosonic Wave mattress and the N.A.P. Neuron Activation Pod, designed by LoOok Industries using Neurosonic technology, work through sensory tissue stimulation; the technology helps the mind and body relax and recover, even with a 10-minute programme. The Wave mattress and N.A.P. use the Neurosonic technology to help the user's wellbeing by improving sleep quality, reducing migraine symptoms and relieving stress and many other physical and mental ailments. Neil Jenkins, founder and CEO of Welltek, comments:

"I had the pleasure of meeting many hard-working doctors and nurses at Whipps Cross Hospital in London. The hospital staff are working tirelessly to keep us safe in these very difficult times without thinking about their own safety, and we are glad to be able to help in any way we can. By offering the Wave mattress and N.A.P. to the wellness centre, we hope to make even those short breaks during busy working days more relaxing and comfortable. The products have only been there for a few days and the feedback has already been incredible.” (source)

The current pandemic situation poses a new risk to the recovery of hospital staff, requiring doctors and other healthcare staff to work long hours under stressful conditions. "Doctors tend to work hard at the expense of their own wellbeing. We need a major culture change to give doctors the rest they need," says associate professor Indira Gurubhagavatula, MD, chair of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) committee that drafted the opinion on behalf of the AASM board. Gurubhagavatula says that healthcare employers should consider creating opportunities for rest breaks, including designated rest areas, and provide training on sleep goals and sleep hygiene to maximise productivity and wellbeing. (source)

The science behind the Neurosonic technique affects the natural human relaxation and recovery mechanisms. The N.A.P. and Wave use technology to mechanically guide the human body and mind into a meditation-like state that minimises and prevents stress-related symptoms. Sleep mechanisms are restored, and, at the same time, many other stressors in the body and mind are corrected. Dr Jessica Best from Whipps Cross comments:

"Thank you very much for coming to Whipps Cross to help. You made our staff very happy today. Thank you so much for the Neurosonic products – we are so excited to have them in our department.” (source)