Dentist Tommi Pietilä: Neurosonic helps recover from a challenging day at work

The working postures of a dentist are sometimes quite challenging and the ergonomics of the work are not always optimal. Especially after a long day at work, my muscles are sore and my body needs to recover. Difficult and static working postures require a counterbalance of activity, which relaxes the body from tension. For me, the best recovery methods are varied exercise, regular visits to a massage therapist and Neurosonic therapy.

I was introduced to the Neurosonic divan about five years ago and it immediately felt like a great way to relax my body and mind. I tend to use the Neurosonic relaxation programme at the end of a working day. After the programme, I feel relaxed, rested, as if I've been in a treatment. The state of being could be compared to the state after meditation. It's a great way to reset your working day and move on. 

I exercise almost every day and I also use Neurosonic for recovery after exercise.  Neurosonic improves muscle metabolism and recovery is faster.

At the turn of the year, I got the Neurosonic high-powered mobile mattress for my home and it is quite popular with the whole family, including the cats. 

Tommi Pietilä, dentist