Naturally, with a calmer mind it is also easier to fall asleep and sleep better

Naturally, with a calmer mind it is also easier to fall asleep and sleep better

I work as an entrepreneur at two fitness centers and after the Covid-19 situation escalated in mid-March, I knew the workload for the coming months would be very heavy. The working days were long and stressful, with the body and mind getting to the state of overdrive, which can be explained as burning candle from both ends. I realized that I now also need to ensure adequate recovery so that I can lead my both centers gloriously over the acute epidemic situation. I had previously tried Neurosonic’s mobile mattress for a couple of weeks and decided in early May to invest in my well-being and get the same mattress for my home in the hopes of calming myself at the end of my working day and maybe sleep would start tasting better again.

I acquired the mattress specifically to relieve stress levels through soothing the mind and took the habit of going for a relaxation or recovery treatment for 20-30min after a day of work. The concrete and immediate benefit here was that I got this little moment in my day when no external stimuli (phone, computer, television, etc.) were present, at the same time the pleasant vibration of the mattress caught my attention and so my mind started to calm down during the treatment. In a way, I got a short meditative moment in my daily life, which helped to clear the overload state as well as clarify the state of mind. Naturally, with a calmer mind it was easier to fall asleep and sleep better.

I am not qualified to comment on the direct physical effects of vibration, but I got a lot of help from the mattress to calm the mind which was the main reason I got it. I can therefore say that I benefited from the mattress, especially during a strenuous work period, when there was very limited recovery time.

Regarding recovery and stagnation, I would like to mention in general terms that it would be important for all of us to take moments of calm on a regular basis so that we can look in peace at whether we are going in the right direction in our lives. If we don’t dare, or know how to stop and look at our situation, then we can easily waste weeks, months, or even years on irrelevant things. If and when Neurosonic helps me maintain the desired direction, then the investment has been worth every euro!

Sakari Kiljander, Entrepreneur & CEO Fit Oulu Oy & Fit Oulunsalo Oy