Fitness Center Entrepreneur shares: I acquired a mattress for relieving stress levels

I work as an entrepreneur in two fitness centres, and as the Covid situation escalated in mid-March, I knew that the workload over the coming months would be very heavy. The working days were long and stressful, which meant that my body and mind were constantly on overdrive, so I was burning the candle at both ends. I realised that I also needed to ensure a sufficient recovery to lead the business through the acute Covid situation. I had previously tried the Neurosonic mobile mattress for a couple of weeks and decided to make an investment in my wellbeing at the beginning of May. I bought the same mattress for my home in the hope that it would help me calm myself down at the end of the working day and, maybe. also help me sleep better again.

I got the mattress specifically to lower stress levels by calming the mind and made it a habit to take a 20–30 min. relaxation or recovery session after work. The concrete and immediate benefit was that I had this small moment in my day when no external stimuli (phone, computer, TV, etc.) were present, while the pleasant vibration of the mattress distracted me and my mind began to calm down during the treatment. In a way, I had a short meditative moment in my everyday life, which helped me to de-stress and clear my mind. Naturally, a calmer mind also made it easier to fall asleep and get better quality sleep.

I am not qualified to comment on the direct physical effects of the vibration, but I found the mattress to be very helpful in calming my mind, which is why I bought it. I can, therefore, say that I have benefited from the mattress, especially during a stressful period of work when recovery time was very limited. 

On the subject of recovery and stopping, I would like to mention, in general, that it is important for all of us to take regular moments to wind down, so that we can take the time to examine whether our lives are going in the direction we want them to go. If we don't have the strength, skill or courage to stop and look at our situation, it is easy to waste weeks, months or even years on irrelevant things. If and when Neurosonic helps me to keep going in the direction I want, it will have been worth every euro!

Sakari Kiljander, entrepreneur & CEO