Customer story: Rediscovering Life Through Neurosonic Therapy

Customer story: Rediscovering Life Through Neurosonic Therapy

Mirka Laukkanen, midwife and psychiatric nurse, 40 years old.

Mirka Laukkanen suffers from two rare diseases. People diagnosed with EDS have a genetic defect. Due to the disease, the body does not produce enough collagen. The patient experiences a lot of pain, and recovery from exertion is slow. SEID disease, which causes chronic fatigue, is often associated with this diagnosis.

"As a young girl, I was completely healthy. Eight years ago, I began to experience symptoms, joint pain, and other sensations of pain. I couldn't recover from exertion; even washing my hair was difficult because holding my hands up was so heavy. I am a midwife and psychiatric nurse by profession. I have been on long sick leaves and very tired also because I couldn't sleep properly due to the pain. I ended up trying Neurosonic therapy on the recommendation of my occupational health doctor, as I couldn't find help anywhere and painkillers didn't bring relief either.

"I tried Neurosonic therapy in Mikkeli in March. After the first treatment, I was able to sleep through the night. Initially, I took treatments 2-3 times a week. My condition improved, and the pain decreased. After a few months of use, I decided to buy a divan for myself. At home, I used the programs initially three times a day, both relaxing and restorative ones. Since summer, I have been completely pain-free. My other medication has also been reduced. If there is no extra stress in life, maintaining well-being requires treatment once a week. I recommend that the first treatments be done with a professional who knows how to use different programs. After that, you will know for yourself which program is right for you.

"I have fulfilled a big dream and moved to Norway to work – a dream I thought would never come true. We have also used the device for my 12-year-old son's severe migraines. He previously had several vomiting migraine attacks every week. Sports hobbies had to be stopped, and he had many absences from school. Now the migraine stays away when the treatment is repeated once every three weeks. My son has also been able to resume swimming as a hobby.

"I can recommend the Neurosonic device and treatments for everyone who suffers from pain and insomnia and also for healthcare professionals to complement another treatment method. I have woken up to life again with the help of this treatment – anyone with chronic pain knows what that means. I can work and even engage in sports. The help I get from this means a lot to me."