Customer story: How Neurosonic Transformed Mikko Heino's Battle with Chronic Sleep Problems

Customer story: How Neurosonic Transformed Mikko Heino's Battle with Chronic Sleep Problems

Mikko Heino is a soon-to-be forty-year-old man who used to be an avid road bike racer. Heino has suffered from serious sleep problems for almost his entire life: the sleep problems began in adulthood and worsened after his active career ended. At its worst, Heino could only sleep for less than an hour a night. He sought help for his sleep problems from various treatment methods, starting with acupuncture, and during the most difficult times, he had to take 5-10 tablets in the evening to get some rest. Due to sleep problems, he also had to take a lot of sick leave.

After hearing about Neurosonic treatment chairs, he decided to try the treatments, even though he was initially skeptical about the treatment and its effectiveness. "There was nothing left in traditional medicine where I could seek help for my sleep problems," says Heino.

The effectiveness of Neurosonic treatment surprised him

"The effects were very positive. I took treatments about 2-3 times a week for three weeks, and the sleep problems began to improve. On my first treatment, I fell asleep in the chair. This happened during the day – I don't even remember the last time I got any kind of nap during the daytime," Heino shares.

The effectiveness of the treatment has surprised both Mikko and his doctor. Heino says that the doctor who treated him had a very positive attitude towards the treatment and its results. Medication is almost a thing of the past for him. He gives big thanks to Neurosonic's Marco for being so enthusiastic about developing the product and helping customers on an individual level.

Vibration therapy calms and helps with sleep

"I would recommend this product to anyone who has chronic sleep difficulties or those who have been suffering from sleep problems for a longer time. The treatment forces your body to calm down, and I would also recommend it for people suffering from stress," he states. Heino says that he also found help from the treatment during a difficult life situation when someone close to him passed away.

Heino used the treatment chair regularly between 2012 and 2013. Nowadays, in 2016, he no longer attends treatment more than a few times a year, and according to him, only because it feels so good.

"I don't know how many people have gotten this much help from this chair. Hopefully, people would realize in time to seek help from sources other than pharmacies. It sounds absurd that a chair that vibrates could help. However, credibility comes only from trying it yourself," Heino remarks.