Nurse shares: Our clients have found help for sleep problems and pain.

Nurse shares: Our clients have found help for sleep problems and pain.


Most commonly, our customers have sought help from Neurosonic therapy for sleep onset and sleep problems as well as various pain conditions, which sleep problems often relate to. Those suffering from migraines and cluster headaches have also found relief from pain or sleep problems resulting from the disease.

Our customers have experienced help with various joint and muscle pains often after just a couple of treatments. I just heard that the regular daily pain medication for a lady who sought help for hip and knee pain has now become infrequent after five treatments. The lady also reported an increase in mood and overall alertness as the pain subsided and sleep quality improved.

I also remember a lady who suffered from anxiety related to falling asleep due to stress-induced insomnia. It was impossible to go to bed without a sleeping pill, even though the stress had already eased in her life. After the first treatments, the lady reported muscle tension had first loosened, the general mood had soon relaxed, and after the seventh treatment, she had already slept a week without a sleeping pill.

It has been a pleasure to see how we can improve our customers' overall well-being in such a pleasant way.

Jonna Vanhala, public health nurse at Oulu III Hansa Pharmacy