Customer Story: I was diagnosed with CFS, my functional capacity was restored, and I regained control of my normal everyday life.

How did you hear about Neurosonic?

I had seen Neurosonic's products at fairs several times. In the end, I ended up trying the divan at the Helsinki Exhibition Center a few years ago. Through the fair, I ended up making an appointment at the Punavuori showroom, renting a mobile mattress from there for trial use, and then getting myself a Neurosonic chaise longue.

How long have you been using Neurosonic?

My chaise longue has been in use almost every night for a couple of years.

What did you aim to solve with Neurosonic?

When I started using Neurosonic I was exhausted, my body was really tired. There were days when I couldn't even get out of bed, my legs couldn't carry me. I couldn't move and if I moved in the morning, I spent the rest of the day lying in bed or on the couch. My body felt like it had been sucked out of all the energy. I was diagnosed with CFS (Chronic fatigue syndrome), but I didn't feel that it was the right diagnosis. I started using Neurosonic by taking a long restorative program every night, and I usually took it twice in a row. It was the only program that felt good and worked. The other programs seemed unpleasant at the time. Gradually, my ability to function began to recover and I was able to get back to normal everyday life. I still take the restorative program in the evenings and I firmly believe that it keeps my body functioning. I don't know what I had, but it would be interesting to know what concretely happened and what caused my symptoms. The treatments have also helped me to fall asleep faster and also improved the quality of sleep. My friends visit us regularly for treatments, and they are also impressed by the effectiveness of Neurosonic.

How has Neurosonic supported your everyday life, coping at work and your free time?

I think Neurosonic keeps me functional. I can carry out everyday life and physically notice how it reduces my stress levels. I also have chronic pain in my shoulder from multiple surgeries. The pain causes stress, which I soothe and control with treatments.

Any other remarks or feedback?

Thank you for your professional and kind teamwork! My needs are always heard and I have received professional advice and instructions for both my situation and also regarding the equipment. I have also suggested that my employer would get a Neurosonic for our office.

Neurosonic customer, 44 years old, Helsinki