Neurosonic: Revolutionizing Sleep and Recovery for a 29-Year-Old Pilot and Dressage Rider

Antti Lehtilä is a 29-year old commercial pilot and dressage rider. Antti first heard about Neurosonic after discussing with a friend about the profession of a pilot and the challenges involved in combining it with competitive sports. "The particular challenges of being a commercial pilot are the irregular and constantly changing working hours and the need to adapt your lifestyle accordingly," says Antti. "Additional challenges are early bedtimes and waking up in the middle of the night, the time differences and recovery from it, and the impact of sedentary work, especially on the lower back and hip flexors." As a result of the discussion, the friend suggested Neurosonic as a sure-fire solution to the challenges that Antti mentioned. 

At home, Antti uses Neurosonic's mobile mattress regularly, and when in Oulu, he visits the Showroom for recovery. "In my case, having my own mattress is absolutely essential because of the inconvenient work shifts. I use all eight programmes, but for slightly different situations," says Antti. He says that the recovery programmes are helpful after a time difference, long working days and riding training. Activation helps before night work or long shifts and before training or competitions. Antti uses the relaxation to improve his quality of sleep after an evening shift, when his body is going into overdrive. Relaxation is also particularly helpful when changing his circadian rhythm, when having to go to bed considerably early and to wake up in the middle of the night.

Antti feels that Neurosonic has significantly improved his sleep quality and has enabled him to sleep better at night. He says that the impact of time differences has been significantly reduced and the recovery time shortened. Neurosonic has been a great help in returning from both East and West. "I believe that Neurosonic has enabled me to both compete in dressage and to work as a pilot. The help in recovering and getting enough and quality rest is tremendous," Antti concludes.