Ice hockey player Toni Utunen's experiences with Neurosonic: relaxation and calming down after games

"I'm Toni Utunen, a 23-year-old ice hockey player from Lahti. I first came across Neurosonic at ProRecovery's premises here in Lahti.

I've been using Neurosonic's Demo mattress for a month now, about 2-4 times a week, depending on my mood and schedule. The main purpose of Neurosonic for me has been to relax the body at the end of the day. The mattress has been used the most after the games, and that is the reason why I am considering getting it in the future.

With the help of the mattress, my time to fall asleep has shortened considerably. I fall asleep at least half an hour earlier, sometimes even several hours earlier. The relaxation of the whole body and the calming of the nervous system at bedtime has been amazing.

Although I don't take naps, I have taken a short program on the mattress after lunch, for example. Already in 20 minutes I have experienced signs of relaxation. With the help of the mattress, I have been able to take the so-called extra time in the middle of the day's rush.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Neurosonic is an incredibly good product. It has been a great help in calming the nervous system, especially after games, just before going to bed. I understand that this high-level, domestic technology is not cheap, and that for many, the price is currently the biggest deterrent to purchasing a device.

However, I believe that I will purchase a device from you in the future. I warmly recommend Neurosonic to anyone who is considering purchasing the product or is otherwise interested in its benefits."

Toni Utunen, ice hockey player