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Neurosonic produces very low frequency vibration. Being a natural mechanism, vibrational technology has a balancing effect directly on the autonomic nervous system. The Neurosonic relaxation treatment directs the body to a state similar to meditation, making recovery faster and more efficient. The healthy sleep mechanisms are restored, and at the same time, many other things in the body and mind are given the opportunity to recover.

Large part of the sick leaves is due to stress-related causes

With Neurosonic, restorative experiences become part of everyday life effortlessly and do not require major changes to daily routines. Neurosonic prevents stress and takes care of daily recovery. The technology improves alertness and the ability to concentrate in the midst of a busy days.

"Recovering moment for the mind and body in the middle of a hectic work day"

The daily life of a gaming company is full of intensive expert work, which often takes place while sitting on a computer. Neck and shoulder problems are always present and the ability to concentrate is constantly being tested. A couple of years ago, we acquired the Neurosonic Chaise Longue, which immediately became a popular place to visit in the contemplation corner of our office. A healing moment during the work day is a great brightener of thoughts. The effects of the technology on the quality of sleep and the state of the body are clearly felt. A small moment spent in the chaise longue bears fruit as an improved work ethic.

Tony Manninen
CEO, LudoCraft Oy

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Over 10 years of better body and mind balance
Limited edition Chaise Longue

188x65 cm

The Neurosonic Chaise Longue Generation 2 is designed to promote health and wellbeing while offering the opportunity to promote the comfort of different spaces too. The chaise longue  is ideal for home or professional use to relieve stress, and promote sleep quality and recovery in a comprehensive way.

5 590€

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