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Neurosonic Wave Neurosonic Wave Neurosonic Wave Neurosonic Wave

€3.943,55 EUR
+ VAT 24%

Wave is the newest and most powerful member of Neurosonic product family. Behind the stylish design is accomplished Finnish designer Vertti Kivi. Wave is versatile and foldable piece of Scandinavian design which makes it suitable for you to use it from office to the privacy of your own home.

Please notice that the freight fees are added to the price of the product after the purchase has been made and can't be invoiced through the normal purchase process. If you want to know your personal fees for your chosen product, please contact our customer service via chat, phone or e-mail.

How is the Neurosonic Wave completely different from our previous products?

  • With the Neurosonic Wave Mattress you can enhance your wellbeing at home or anywhere in a unique way;
  • Wave is even more efficient (about 20%) than our high-performance mobile mattress, which makes it especially suitable for the more demanding user.
  • Electronics are housed in a stylish Vertti Kivi -case made from felt (60% recycled material).
  • You can choose a lower or higher thermoplastic cushion for the mattress - higher 42x56x15cm for men and lower 35x55x8cm for women. If you want both pillows, you get another pillow for an extra € 65.
  • We have also improved the interior of the mattress and created a compact package that resonates better.
  • The price of Neurosonic Wave also always includes Sennheiser's high quality headphones and music license.

The mattress is easy to put on and place on the bed, for example, during treatment. It is also easy to store and transport due to its semi-foldability.

Neurosonic Wave is controlled wirelessly with a mobile application that allows you to select your preferred program area for relaxation, activation or recovery. The programs have different uses and a comprehensive library provides something for everyone. If you don't have phone or tablet to control the device, ask more from our sales about possibilities for us to provide tablet for you to use with your Neurosonic device.

Read more about our programs...

All our products have a standard two (2) year warranty.

Technical information

    • length 180 cm
    • width 72 cm
    • thickness when folded open 12 cm
    • thickness when folded 90 cm x 72 cm x 24 cm
    • weight 13 kg
    • colour: grey
    • thermoplastic neck pillow (higher 42x56x15cm +30€ and lower 35x55x8cm)
    • Trevi A3000 -polyesteri upholstery (dirt repellent fabric) - upholstery has five year warranty from it's manufacturer
    • Recommended by max weight 125 kg

Neurosonic electronics

    • Power supply voltage 15V, power consumption max. 75 - 90 W
    • 8 programs (4 relaxing, 2 activating and 2 restorative)
    • Compliant with CE standards
Price starting from  3943,55€ (+VAT24%)

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