Vibration helps with recovery


Neurosonic technology fights exhaustion in a ground-breaking way. Mechanically produced low-frequency vibrations automatically affects the natural relaxation and recovery mechanisms, helping users to sleep better, relax and recover. Vibration is a non-invasive form of stimulation and safe to use.

Innovative Neurosonic Treatment utilizes whole-body low-frequency vibration with a wide-ranging effect. Neurosonic device affects health in a holistic way, at the same time increasing the metabolism, blood circulation, fluid circulation and pacifying the autonomic nervous system activity. When added to these effects by stimulation of an extremely relaxing effect, pain, stress and fatigue-related symptoms are relieved quickly and recovery is accelerated.

The Neurosonic Treatment varies from 10-41 minutes. The used frequency band is safe and within a natural range, consequently there are no side effects. The vibrations create a resonance in the body tissue and fluids. The vibrations are felt in the whole body which is extremely relaxing and even affects your metabolism positively resulting in deep relaxation and recovery from physical and psychic stress.

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Sleep quality

Neurosonic has a calming effect on the human body, the autonomic nervous system, and the mind. The production of stress hormones is reduced, and sleep mechanisms are restored. Nightly awakening decrease, and sleep becomes more restful and recovery effective.

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Extensive research data supports the positive effects of vibration on metabolism and health, as well as potential uses to reduce the effects of stress, improve sleep quality, and promote recovery and overall health.

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Stress relieving

Neurosonic technology stabilizes the autonomic nervous system, especially in sympathetic action. The neurotransmitter action is enhanced and the neural pathways in alarm state calm down.

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A much-needed restoring moment is provided through balancing the autonomic nervous system. Parasympathetic system gets a special boost. Both body and mind are mechanically guided to a meditation-like state, preventing and caring for stress-related symptoms.

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Comprehensive program selection

You can easily choose between 10-40 minutes of relaxation, activation or recovery with our application. There is something for everyone in the comprehensive program selection.


We let the experiences speak for themselves

Practical feasibility is proven by highly positive customer feedback showing that the Neurosonic Treatment is well accepted. Neurosonic has close to 100% customer satisfaction.