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Our story

Psychotherapist Marco Kärkkäinen had the idea of the effect of vibration one evening in April 2008, while sitting on the sofa at home and watching the movie “Saving Private Ryan”. During one scene, the tanks arrived in the city, and even before Kärkkäinen was able to detect the sound, he felt the sound wave in his hand through the armrest. This was the moment when the idea of Neurosonic was born.

Kärkkäinen built the first Neurosonic device on the base of a sun lounger at home. During the first three weeks, he became very convinced of the effects of vibration on his body because, in addition to lowering his resting heart rate and improving his sleep quality, he realised that he had lost 4 kilograms of weight without making any other changes to his life. Kärkkäinen knew that this should be more widely acknowledged and made available to the public.

The clearest step in bringing welfare technology to the attention of the general public took place in 2009, when Kärkkäinen started to develop the technology in collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists. After numerous customer experiences, measurements, and finding the right levels of vibration waves, the first device with Neurosonic technology went on sale in 2011.

At the present time, in 2019, after the launch of our first model using the technology, already seven products have been introduced — some of them are our partner’s products that utilise our technology, and some are part of Neurosonic’s own growing product range.

But we are not finished yet. We passionately continue to develop our technology and research, and keep raising welfare awareness with an ever-growing audience in Finland and around the world because we believe in Neurosonic. We believe in our team. We believe in our customer experiences.

We are Neurosonic.


Raising awareness
Through our own operations, the Neurosonic team is committed to training and sharing our knowledge and expertise both within the company and with our stakeholders. Our team strives every day to share the good news of better sleep, faster recovery, and balance of mind and body.

Neurosonic does not discriminate. We aspire to promote equality between genders, minorities, and different age groups and cultures through our own actions.

Health promotion
Neurosonic technology was born out of the idea of restoring balance between body and mind. We are committed to continuously developing our products to meet global customer needs: better sleep and a more stress-free life.

Development and promotion of wellbeing technology
Neurosonic strives to participate in research and offers its solution for research in a diverse and global manner. We have developed and still develop constantly our network of welfare partners, to be able to produce something greater than us for the world.

Honesty and transparency
Neurosonic is transparent. Including the board, the management team, and our entire community, we are committed to talking about things exactly as they are — honestly and transparently, regardless of our interests.


We want to help people find a natural balance between body and mind. We are present in people’s daily lives so that they can live their lives to the fullest.​


We are a globally well-known and recognised vanguard of relaxation technology.

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