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Our story

One April evening in 2008, psychotherapist Marco Kärkkäinen was engrossed in the film “Saving Private Ryan” from the comfort of his sofa. As a scene unfolded where tanks entered the city, he noticed a peculiar sensation in his hand, resonating from the armrest, even before he could audibly discern the tank's rumble. It was in this moment that the concept of Neurosonic emerged.

Transforming an ordinary sun lounger at home into the first Neurosonic device, Kärkkäinen began to notice profound changes over the next three weeks. Not only did his resting heart rate decrease and his sleep quality improve, but he also inexplicably lost 4 kilograms without making any alterations to his lifestyle. Kärkkäinen became convinced of the power of vibrations on the body, and felt compelled to share this discovery with the world.

In 2009, he took a decisive step in promoting wellbeing technology to the public. Kärkkäinen collaborated with doctors and physiotherapists to refine this technology. They conducted numerous client studies, performed meticulous measurements, and calibrated the perfect intensity of vibration waves. Consequently, in 2011, the first device equipped with Neurosonic technology was introduced to the market.

Fast forward to 2023, since the initial model's unveiling, a diverse range of seven products using our technology have been launched. Some of these are collaborative ventures with partners who have incorporated our technology into their products, while others are additions to Neurosonic’s own expanding catalogue.

Our journey isn't over. We remain fervently dedicated to advancing our technology, expanding our research, and heightening awareness about wellbeing

to a broader audience both in Finland and globally. Our belief in Neurosonic is unwavering. We have faith in our team. We trust in the testimonials of our customers.

We are Neurosonic.

Health promotion
Neurosonic technology was born out of the idea of restoring balance between body and mind. We are committed to continuously developing our products to meet global customer needs: better sleep and a more stress-free life.

Development and promotion of wellbeing technology
Neurosonic strives to participate in research and offers its solution for research in a diverse and global manner. We have developed and still develop constantly our network of welfare partners, to be able to produce something greater than us for the world.

Honesty and transparency
Neurosonic is transparent. Including the board, the management team, and our entire community, we are committed to talking about things exactly as they are — honestly and transparently, regardless of our interests.


We want to help people find a natural balance between body and mind. We are present in people’s daily lives so that they can live their lives to the fullest.​


We are a globally well-known and recognised vanguard of relaxation technology.

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