Marketing Data Registry and Privacy Statement

Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd,

Saaristonkatu 1, FI-90100 Oulu, Finland

+358 10 201 1610 

Name of the controller

Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd

Y-tunnus: 2370999-5

Address: Saaristonkatu 1,

FI-90100 Oulu, Finland

Correspondence with the registry

+358 45 10 201 1610 

Name of the registry

Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd:n marketing registry

Purpose of processing of personal data

The person's contact information in the register is used for the purpose of promoting the sales of Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd. The information is also used for marketing activities and other information.

Information content of the registry

The information content of the register consists of the following information. Depending on the use, some of the information is required to be processed as necessary.

• The name of the person

• Contact information (phone number, email address)

• Details (additional information left by the person, such as a free message or feedback)

• Other identifying information (including the person's public IP address)

• Tracking Data (Tracking Data for Electronic Marketing Measures)

• Cookie Information (read more about our cookie policy)


Regular sources of information

Information provided with the individual's consent, either through forms on the online service or at sales and presentation events, and data collected and collected automatically by the online service to support the analysis and development of the online service.

Processing, disclosure and retention of data

The data is processed inside and outside the EU or EEA. The information will not be released for use by anyone other than Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd. The data will be retained for as long as the customer relationship can be considered valid and for a reasonable period after the customer relationship is terminated.

Registry security principles

The information contained in the register is located in protected environments under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

Right of inspection and repair

Every person who submits his or her data to the register has the right to inspect his or her own data stored in the register and to have it corrected. A repair request will be made by email to the contact's email address. By default, the request will be directed to the personal information attached to the sender's email address, unless the person who sent the request is otherwise identified.

Other rights related to the processing of personal data

A person shall have the right to prohibit the controller from processing personal data relating to him or her for direct marketing, distance selling, other direct marketing or market and opinion polling purposes. If a person wishes to prohibit such action, he or she can do so by contacting the controller by email.