Neurosonic Infinity

Neurosonic Infinity

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The Neurosonic Infinity mattress is made so that anyone can integrate Neurosonic into their daily lives easily and in a space-saving way. The Infinity mattress is placed on top of the bed frame, under the existing mattresses.

If you want an Infinity on both sides of a double bed, do not forget to add two mattresses to the shopping cart, which will double the price. If you want a mattress without the technology on one side of a double bed, add a mattress without technology to your shopping cart.

With the Neurosonic Infinity mattress, you can promote welfare in your home in a unique way. The device's programmes can particularly aid relaxation, as well as promote sleep quality and relieve stress symptoms. The mattress is easy to set up and place in a bed as part of the bed set. Please note that this product is designed to be used at the very bottom of your bed. Due to the structure of the product, any mattresses under it (e.g. a base sprung mattress) are unable to function as intended.

The Infinity mattress is controlled wirelessly with a mobile application that enables you to select your preferred programme for relaxation, activation, or recovery. The method is suitable for all ages and is safe to use.

• Power supply voltage 15V, power consumption max. 75 – 9 W

• Meets CE and UL standards

• 8 programmes (4 relaxation, 2 activation, and 2 recovery)

• The device is controlled from your own phone or tablet

All our products have a two (2) year warranty.
Length: 200 cm
Width: 80 cm or 90 cm
Weight: 12.5 kg (80 cm) ja 13.5 kg (90 cm)
Thickness: 8 cm
The mattress covering is made of black furnishing upholstery fabric (the textile is rubber foam laminated, pilling grade: 4.5, Martindale value: 20,000 — the pilling grade is used to measure how resistant fabrics are to the formation of small balls of thread on the surface, and the maximum grade is 5, so this fabric is fairly resistant to it). Martindale is a unit to measure fabric's abrasion resistance; 15,000 is a basic requirement and 25,000 is a high rating, and thus the product is in between. The contact surface has an Antislip stretch fabric area (white).
The Infinity mattress is placed directly on the bed frame, below the existing mattresses (e.g. spring mattress), and therefore the product is not subject to direct pressure from body weight, which is more evenly distributed on the mattresses above, which has a positive effect on the durability of the Infinity
The mattress foam type is HR35, i.e. 35 kg/m3.
Recommended max. user weight: 125 kg

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Comprehensive range of programmes

You can use the mobile application to easily select ready 10-40 minute programmes for relaxation, activation, and recovery.

We let the experiences speak for themselves

We hear every day how Neurosonic has helped our customers to feel better. The positive feedback has been impressive. See how many lives have taken on a new direction.