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How Neurosonic works?

Neurosonic produces low frequency vibration. As a natural mechanism, vibration through the body has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system and mind. Technology mechanically guides the human body to a meditation-like state, which also has a preventive effect on stress-related symptoms. The mechanisms of sleep are restored, and many other things in the body and mind are also repaired.

In our selection you will find different products suitable for different users and different usage. Same operating principle, different design. All of our products are wirelessly controlled via a mobile application that allows you to choose your program for relaxation, activation or recovery. There is something for everyone in the comprehensive program range.

Comprehensive selection of programs

You can easily choose between 10-40 minutes of relaxation, activation or recovery with our application. There is something for everyone in the comprehensive program selection.


We let the experiences speak for themselves

Every day, we hear how Neurosonic has helped our customers to become more effective. The amount of thanks has been impressive. See how many lives have taken a new direction.