Metsokangas School: Stressed staff members have found Neurosonic invigorating and a relief from mental stress

Metsokangas School is a primary and secondary school with 1,377 pupils. The Metsokangas campus is the second largest school in Finland in terms of student numbers. Alongside its regular school work, Metsokangas School is focusing on developing the Wellbeing School model, which presents, as one of its three cornerstones, the promotion of wellbeing among pupils, family and staff. The Neurosonic divan arrived with the Wellness School model for the Metsokangas staff four years ago. After four years of use, Neurosonic was able to interview and hear the experiences of principal Kalle Komulainen and vice principal Anna-Kaarina Jääskeläinen. 

A representative of Neurosonic first visited the Metsokangas campus four years ago. During the discussion, the thoughts were diverted towards staff welfare. According to principal Komulainen, there are very few ways to support staff wellbeing that can be offered to staff as a daily commodity in the workplace. The cooperation with Neurosonic started out with a trial, which led to a purchase decision very quickly after the first trials. "Neurosonic's programmes have proven to be a great permanent solution for staff to get a little relaxation in their day," says Jääskeläinen.

The Neurosonic divan with a music licence and weighted blanket is currently located in the staff room. Among the school staff, Neurosonic has a well-established user base. The divan is used almost every day, or at least regularly in the morning, at the end of the day or during free periods. There are also a variable number of occasional users. The most used programmes among Metsokangas staff are shorter programmes from power naps to 12-minute activations. "In the mornings, I use activation, which in my experience speeds up the metabolism," says Jääskeläinen. "When you go longer periods without using the device, you notice it in your body." Laughing, Jääskeläinen adds, "You can't start the morning without activation and a cup of coffee."

From Komulainen's point of view, in particular, it is a big deal that staff members who are under pressure at work have found that Neurosonic is refreshing and provides relief from mental stress. "Although no concrete evidence of a measurable monetary value has been provided, the subjective experiences of these users make this acquisition well worth the price," concludes Kalle Komulainen.