Neurosonic helped Floorball player Henri Johansson to recover faster during playoffs

Henri Johansson, (born October 18, 1985, Toijala) is a Finnish floorball player. He has represented Nokia KrP in the F-league since 2009. Johansson, who plays as a forward, is known for his goal-scoring ability, and according to floorball player Mikko Kohonen, he is one of the most skillful floorball players.

Johansson leads the all-time scoring statistics in the top floorball league, and he has won the regular season points race four times. He was the first floorball player to surpass 1000 regular-season points on November 4, 2020, and 700 top-level league goals on December 15, 2021.

Johansson has represented the Finnish national team and won the World Championship gold medal in the 2010 home games. He has played a total of 26 international matches.

Sharing his experiences with the Neurosonic mattress, Johansson says:

"I first heard about Neurosonic from Instagram when an athlete I follow was using the mattress. I decided to try it because I have faced challenges in recovery and sleep quality during competition and training seasons.

The Neurosonic mattress has helped me recover faster and more efficiently from competitions and practices, improving sleep quality and calming the nervous system. When using the mattress, I have noticed improvements in sleep quality, energy levels, and concentration during competition and training seasons.

I have integrated the use of the Neurosonic mattress into my daily recovery and sleep routine, using the relaxation program after games with low power and the recovery program on rest days. I have encountered some challenges in using the mattress, such as using too high power levels, but the problems were solved with the help of a Neurosonic expert.

I would recommend Neurosonic products to other athletes who want to improve their recovery and sleep quality. I would advise them to start using the mattress moderately and keep in mind that less is more if the goal is to calm the nervous system.

Using Neurosonic products has had a positive impact on my overall well-being and development in my sports career. Its use has provided me with good information on calming my own nervous system, and I plan to invest more in it in the future. I also feel that overall sleep quality has been better after using the mattress, and it has had a significant impact on my well-being.

I believe that Neurosonic products can help other athletes in the same way they have helped me, and I highly recommend them to those who want to improve their recovery and sleep quality. The use of these products has been of great help to me, and I am glad that I decided to try them."