Verve Therapy Pori: Neurosonic has enhanced the results of various therapy methods

Verve Terapia’s Pori unit has physiotherapists and occupational therapists and for us the Neurosonic divan was introduced in spring 2019. It has been used extensively in client work, particularly in psychophysical physiotherapy. Our therapists have found Neurosonic to be a good additional tool in the therapy of clients struggling with sleep disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, as well as in the therapy of pain patients with neuroregulation problems. We have also received visits from goal-oriented athletic clients who have visited our Neurosonic divan in the hope of a better recovery.

Overall, Neurosonic has offered new possibilities and improved the results of different therapeutic methods. We have also received feedback that Neurosonic has helped to users to calm down and focus on the therapy itself when the divan has been used before the actual therapy. In such cases, we can often start the actual therapy quicker because the focus has already been shifted from the mind to the body. It is, of course, absolutely essential to communicate pain, physical challenges and different feelings, but, sometimes, words and excessive talking may even slow down the progress of rehabilitation.

Neurosonic has made some clients understand that words are not always needed, but that wisdom and self-understanding can also come through the body. For our physiotherapists and occupational therapists, this is, of course, obvious and our work is always based on a holistic view of human health, but Neurosonic has also helped some of our clients to better understand this mind-body connection. Sometimes, however, the benefit of treatment may be "just" a general calming down for a while, but the importance of that should not be underestimated. The benefits of the Neurosonic therapy can, therefore, be seen from many different angles and it should also be remembered that the effects of treatment are always individual.