Eximia Business Intelligence CEO Janne Anttila: The Chaise Longue is a breath of fresh air during the workday.

Eximia Business Intelligence's Oulu and Helsinki offices have Neurosonic divans, where staff can relax and recover during the working day. According to CEO Janne Anttila, a break using the divan helps you feel better and recover from a sports performance, for example.

“For years we had been considering different options for employment benefits. I heard about Neurosonic on Facebook when one of my friends recommended it to another. I became interested in it myself and started to look into it further,” Janne says.

Janne read about the company's products on the Neurosonic website. The customer experiences and the scientific background of the product were convincing.

“We ended up ordering Neurosonic products after researching and testing the product myself. We have two Neurosoninc divans, one in Oulu and one in Helsinki. We have received positive feedback on the products, and wellbeing at work has improved a lot," Janne says.

Easy-to-use and high-quality product

According to Janne, Neurosonic, as a company, has been excellent. An order can be placed quickly and the customer is kept informed. The product works with a mobile device and, according to Janne, is simple to use and quick to learn.

“As CEO, I have purchased a wide range of products for my company. The Neurosonic products are of high quality and have even exceeded my expectations. The quality of the leather divan is even better than I imagined," says Janne.

“Our business is growing fast. We will order more Neurosonic products as our staff grows,” Janne plans.

"You can clearly see that the product works"

According to Janne, the devices are suitable for relaxing during a hectic workday as well as for recovering from a workout.

“I've found that when stress levels are high and you're having a bad day, a little break with Neurosonic clearly makes you feel better. It makes it easier to get on with the day. I do some sports myself and I dare say that the product also plays a big role in recovery from a workout," Janne says.

Eximia's Neurosonic devices are designed to help you relax at the beginning, end and middle of the day.

“Our wealth is our employees and their wellbeing. These types of products are excellent for improving satisfaction and wellbeing at work. I use the product myself for a moment of relaxation in the middle of the day. The product has received very positive feedback. The divan is a lifesaver during the working day. You can clearly see that the product works,” Janne sums up.